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8 Best Coffee Bean Gifts

8 Unique Coffee Bean Gifts

There's a lot you can get for your coffee-loving friends, from coffee bean-inspired earrings to barista action figurines. Check out what Coffee Gems has to offer in terms of coffee beans, accessories, and gifts for coffee lovers (check out our wholesale coffee gift items).

1. Coffee bean adornment

There's some stunning coffee bean-themed jewellery available, either crafted from real beans or inspired by them.

2. Coffee plant 

Learn more about the process of growing coffee beans and pick up a cheap coffee plant for under £10 at your local garden centre or online. Even if you don't use the plant to roast your coffee beans, it will look lovely in your office or house.

3. Action figure of a coffee bean

Nico, a small barista action figure, brews a delicious latte with freshly ground coffee beans. To obtain your own, look for her on Amazon.

4. Coffee-inspired ornaments

These hanging coffee-inspired ornaments, made of glass and painted with beautiful motifs, are the perfect accent to any kitchen or coffee shop.

5. Stationery with Coffee Beans

You can get coffee bean mouse pads, notebooks, and magnetic dry erase boards online if you really want to go all out. Purchase them as gifts for your coffee-obsessed coworkers.

6. Coffee signs from the past

A classic coffee wall sign will look great in your kitchen. Pick one of the signs that says one of the following things.

7. A cookbook of coffee recipes

Bring out your inner barista with this delicious recipe collection from a Coffee Recipes Cookbook. With recipes ranging from easy to decadent, the possibilities are endless. 

8. apron with coffee beans

For any coffee enthusiast, a coffee bean apron is a must-have.

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