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Really?! Coffee Cups Made From Coffee Grounds?


Before you think we’ve gone a little crazy, that’s right! Coffee Gems are passionate about sustainability and inspiring our customers to integrate this into their everyday lives. A bicycle courier collective gathers used coffee grounds from selected cafes and roasteries and then brings them to a social workshop. There, the grounds are dried and preserved. At small plants, the material is then compounded and shaped into coffee cups. Once back in the social workshop, the cups receive their final polish and are packaged for you, our lovely coffee customers.  


Exciting New Product Launch...

Coffee Gems are more than a little excited to launch, completely unique, beautifully crafted coffee cups made from used coffee grounds - we think as a coffee cup, grounds are given the perfect new life and with design meeting sustainability, what better way to complete the coffee cycle.

Gift for Coffee Lover

These cups are exceptionally durable, light, and even have a mild coffee scent!  Coffee Gems lovers can now buy either an Espresso and/or a Regular coffee cup; why not treat yourself or buy as a unique gift.  Interested in our coffee cups? Click here