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Science and sustainability. Let’s talk decaf

Best decaf coffee in the UK


In a post from March 2021 we wrote down another post about decaf coffees where we pointed out as decaf coffee tends to get a bad rap; yes, we've all seen the decaf slamming memes and jokes and we gave some points to set the story straight. 

Here you will find some updates about our decaf, as at Coffee Gems we continue to only roast and serve the very best coffee of the highest quality, always supporting the speciality coffee farming community and this doesn’t stop at our decaf.  And to be honest the response of you, dear customers, has been incredible to the point that our Don Joaco is one of the best sellers. 

So if you’re looking to cut down your caffeine but still fancy the delicious taste of artisan speciality coffee, our Don Joaco decaf is the answer.

It’s our  organic decaf that’s sweet and complex beyond all expectations for a decaffeinated coffee. Dried fruit and creamy chocolate flavours create an unbelievable caffeine-free experience. In a blind taste you won't know it is a decaf !
We begin with meticulously sourced beans, choosing only those whose flavours and profiles can stand up to decaffeination. The beans from Huila Colombia, are treated under the chemical free process of sugar cane that removes caffeine, but retains completely its flavour integrity.
Not only this, by using this method at origin, we’re further supporting the people at the heart of the coffee farming industry; because the coffee is sourced and decaffeinated in Colombia and shipped directly to us, it saves over 6000 food miles per shipment and means a higher proportion of earnings are retained by the farmer. Whereas, the Swiss Water method, used by many others, is a patented method that can only be done in Canada, so, this means beans that were grown in Colombia are then shipped to Canada for decaffeination, then shipped to the UK to be roasted.  

decaffeinated coffee benefits
Fewer food miles sounds good. Any other benefits?

Other benefits include less water wastage. The Sugarcane method uses significantly less water than Swiss Water. So in that regard, there are additional environmental benefits.

So we firmly believe our decaf is something quite special:
● Cupped specifically for their quality
● Sourced by single-origin
● Naturally processed by using a sugar cane component (ethyl acetate)
● Leaving you with a delicious decaf coffee which contains a maximum of
0.01–0.03% caffeine.

And for our adored coffee geeks out there, the process works by soaking green coffee in a solution of e.a., which bonds to the salts of chlorogenic acid in the coffee and allows for the removal of caffeine. The coffee is removed from the solution and steamed at low pressure to remove the e.a. compounds; the finished product retains its flavour integrity but contains almost no caffeine at all.


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