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10 ways to brew amazing coffee

10 ways to brew amazing coffee

brew amazing coffee

Coffee is one of the best beverages and, by extension, a popular drink in the world. This probably explains why there are so many ways to make it today. Ten years ago, if someone asked how to brew coffee. You would probably tell him to use Espresso or maybe the Americano method.

However, things have changed, and now we have so many types of different coffee brewing methods (such us 4 best coffee brewing methods eplained). The methods are so many; choosing one can be difficult sometimes. There is the AeroPress, French press, cold drip, pour-over, and so many others.

Each of these methods gives you a unique cup of coffee with different bolder brews, flavour tones, and different levels of caffeine. Sometimes, except you explore more options, you might never know what you are missing out on.

You might have to change your morning coffee routine with these different ways to brew coffee at home to be sure you are not missing out.

10 Ways to Brew Amazing Coffee

We have put together a list of coffee brew methods from the oldest to the most recent. We hope that after reading, you will find the excitement that you need to try and explore new coffee brewing methods.

1. Coffee Cone

This is one of the oldest, fastest and easiest ways to brew coffee at home. All you need for this drip method is a cone and a paper filter.

Coffee comes come in plastic, ceramic, stainless steel or glass. Usually, the shape and the type of filter you use will largely decide the type of flavour you get from your coffee. So, you might want to try as many things as to see what suits you.

First, you set a filter paper into a cone and add ground coffee too. Then, pour hot water evenly over your coffee grounds in the filter paper. The brewed coffee will gradually drip out of the filter paper into a cup underneath the cone.

2. AeroPress

Aeropress is a relatively new method of brewing coffee. The method was created in 2005 by Alan Adler. To brew coffee using the AeroPress method, you will need the AeroPress. It is plastic that has three parts; a filter, a coffee basket and a brew chamber. The filer sits in the coffee basket at the bottom of the brew chamber. To make coffee, all you need is to add your coffee grounds to the brew chamber and pour hot water. Allow the coffee to immerse/steep through the hot water.

When you are ready to extract the coffee, press down the plunger, this will create enough air pressure to force the coffee brew through the filter into a cup or pot.

3. Drip Coffee Maker

The drip coffee method is a common method that most coffee lovers use. Drip coffee means allowing hot water to drip slowly into coffee grounds and allowing the coffee to trickle into a coffee cup or pot below.

Usually, the drip coffee maker handles all these, so you do not have to worry. You have to set the coffee grounds in the machine, and it brews the coffee. Some drip coffee makers even have timers so you can program the machine to produce coffee before you wake up in the morning.

4. Pour Over

This is similar to using the drip coffee maker. However, you do this without a machine. Unlike in the drip method, where the machine controls the temperature, you are in charge of everything.

Pour water steadily over the grounds and allow them to steep evenly. This should give you a smoother and more flavourful brew.

5. Ground Coffee Cold brew

This is one of the coffee brew methods that does not require any fancy device. All you need is your coarse ground coffee beans, water, a cup and a refrigerator. Add your ground coffee to the cup, add water and refrigerate overnight.

By leaving it overnight, you are allowing the coffee to immerse in water. That way, you will have a smooth, less acidic coffee by morning. Interestingly, the cold brew method helps you get more caffeine from your coffee than from hot water.

new coffee brewing methods

6. French Press

This is both a classy coffee brewing method and an elegant device for brewing coffee. To make coffee with a french press, you need to add the coffee into a glass container. Pour hot water over the coffee grounds a bit and stir a bit to immerse the coffee grounds in hot water. When you are done, put the lip on top with the plunger.

The plunger has a filter attached to it, and there's where all the magic happens. Press down the plunger slowly and watch the coffee move to the bottom of the French press.

7. Espresso

Espresso has remained the all-time favourite for many people. To make espresso, you have to pour pressurised water over fine ground coffee beans as fast as you can. This will give you a concentrated coffee shot. Because of the fast brew of espresso, it usually ends up with a bitter, acidic taste, which is why it is perfect for americanos and cappuccinos (see our espresso brewing guide).

8. Stovetop Moka Pot

This is a percolate method of making coffee designed by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933. The method makes use of steam pressure. The steam goes from the lower chamber into the mid chamber during the brewing process, where you have your coffee grounds. The brewed coffee is then deposited in the higher chamber. The idea is to find a stovetop pot that can get you the best pressure.

9. Siphon

This can be a fun and fancy way to make coffee; however, making coffee using the process can be fussy. You add your coffee grounds to the upper vessel of the tool, where vapour pressure forces hot water to immerse the coffee. When you stop heating the tool, the brewed coffee will move down under the influence of gravity into a filter at the vessel's base.

10. Chemex

The Chemex is a well-designed pour over glass flask. The method uses a special Chemex filter paper that is 20-30% heavier than regular filters. Just like in coffee cones, you pour hot water into the coffee grounds as they sit in the Chemex paper filter. The coffee then drips to the bottom of the flask, which is also the carafe of the flask.