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What are the best monthly gift boxes?

What are the best monthly gift boxes?

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If you are wondering about the best monthly gift boxes, you will get all the information you need here. Gifts are a way to get someone's heart. Everyone likes gifts, howbeit in different forms.

While some people would like an indulgent jewellery collection, some would prefer a sumptuous meal to satisfy their cravings. No one rejects gifts. And if you are looking for a way to show love to that special someone, then a gift is the answer.

However, you will agree that it gets rather boring and monotonous to have to go through the selection process weekly or monthly. Not to mention the times it takes you to look into the long list and come up with a satisfactory choice.

With everything getting an upgrade with technology and innovation, the gift world is not left out. With the rise of subscription gifts, you can please that special person and do it with style.

Perhaps you are asking now, what are the best subscription boxes? Well, you are about to find out!

What are the best subscription boxes?

Most gifts are a one time deal. However, subscription boxes make it easy for your gift to be recurring without being boring. Whoever is the recipient of your gift, there is something for them. You can subscribe for a box of clothes, food, beauty products, and what have you. There is something to suit every preference and personality.

Your subscription list can be as diverse as the people you have in mind. Even if the gift boxes are for you, you can still spice up your delivery with different gifts. 

Here are the gift boxes you can have on your list:

Beauty subscription

Getting a beauty gift is somewhat tricky. It is not always easy getting the beauty product that suits your skin. And when it comes to gifting it, it is even trickier. This does not mean skincare and makeup will be out of your list. 

With shops like, gifting items in the beauty line is made easier. They offer an opportunity for subscribers to enter their hair preferences, skin types, and other peculiar specifications. The shop sends them five mini beauty products from different top brands monthly. 

The beauty of this method is that you can discover new brands and favourites every month. Also, it is great to work with. 

Flower subscription

A flower is often the go-to gift people love expression. If you have a flower child, a great gift that they will appreciate is a flower box delivered to them regularly. Your crush will love a box of bloom as well.

For whoever your I've is directed to, there is a box of flowers to please their hearts. You can choose what type to send, from diva-sized to petite, classic mixes to single style, and even an inspiring mix of colours and scents. 

Wine subscription

If there's one gift that pleases anyone, it is wine. Not to mention the prestige that goes with this gift. It makes the heart merry to receive a gift of wine. Every month! What makes it even more interesting is the touch of variety.

There are many stores where you make subscriptions for the monthly delivery of wine to your loved ones. For every wine lover, there is a wine bottle. 

Food and coffee subscriptions

Food is essential to everyone. It is one of the best gifts you can give to anyone. With a food subscription, you can ease the stress of having to pick the items every time. Vegans are not left out in subscription gifts. You can subscribe to a box that suits your preference. And you can get it regularly!

Colombian Coffee subscription boxes and chocolate are a favourite of most people. Whether it is for you or a loved one, a chocolate or coffee subscription suits the body.

If you love baking, you can get a subscription box created with your favourites snacks in mind. You can subscribe to a box that has fresh ingredients and cooking instructions to guide you. 

best monthly gift boxes

Book subscription

Letting someone pick your books can be relaxing. You can subscribe to books suitable for different ages.

Plant subscription

Perhaps you are a lover of plants, either indoor or outdoor or both. Getting to lay your hands on the perfect plant can be an interesting process. However, getting to make the selection every month may soon become monotonous and boring. 

If you subscribe to the right shop, you can have healthy, strong, and durable plants delivered to you. You can make a choice on the type and size of plant you want. You can make get house plants put together to not only make your home beautiful but also suit your preferences.

If you are allergic to any plant or scent, you can indicate that. If you are getting plants for outdoor purposes, you can have plants of different colours and sizes delivered to you.

There are several great subscription box services to work with. Great shops like Aura gift shop delivers great plants in different sizes and types. They also accompany them with instruction manuals.


Anywhere you are around the world, you can get a subscription box delivered to you or your loved one. You can subscribe for a beauty box, plant box, food box, book box, etc. You can choose a weekly or monthly subscription.

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