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    Catuai, Cauvery


    Ratnagari State

  • Country



    Extended Fermentation - Anaerobic


    Western Gnats


    1,417 masl


    December 2020


    Hazelnut, Ferrero Rocher & Sultanas, Creamy Body

For all purposes Ratnagiri Estate is an organic/biodynamic farm. The estate is a lush shaded environment with 3 stories of shade. It is home to over 48 recorded bird populations, monkeys, leopards, wild boar, tigers, mongoose and - on occasion - elephants. The rich biodiversity demands that owners have an approach to farming which places ecology and harmony with the environment at the forefront. This is a world class farm, truly one of the leading in India and a great example of how farmers are working with engineering excellence.


Coffees from Ratnagari State have typical characteristics; very clean cup, sparkling acidity, balance and character.  In this incredible coffee you will find notes of hazelnut, Ferrero Rocher & sultanas in a creamy body. This extended fermentation - anaerobic processed coffee is a good balance of all of those qualities.


Anaerobic process is recently a popular way to process. Here coffee is pulped as usual and then the parchment with mucilage is placed in an airtight tank, with a valve to allow for off-gassing, for about 36 hours. The types of microbes able to survive and actively participate in fermentation is limited by the lack of oxygen in the air and will likely substantially alter the end flavour profile. Apart from notes inherent of each coffee, this process provides a very singular, liquorice, highly expressive and uncommon flavour.



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