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SAN LORENZO, Coban - Guatemala
SAN LORENZO, Coban - Guatemala

SAN LORENZO, Coban - Guatemala

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Score: 85.50

    Caturra, Catuai, Villa Sarchi






    Nov - Jan 2021




    Wicho Valdez


    1,450 - 1,850 Masl


    Juicy peach, Lavender, Syrupy body

There are some producers which simply demand respect. Not in a forceful way or anything, but simply out a sheer admiration of how they are farming and what is found in the cup. The Valdez family and Wicho, in particular, are such producers.


It was obvious that their geography presented a number of challenges, however after years of experience the Valdez family seemed to not only cope but sort of embrace in a way that directly contributed to their coffee quality.

Traditionally, the region of Coban does not have a high reputation for coffee production; it literally is a rain forest and therefore wet and humid most of the year. Not only does this create abnormal flowering (8 to 9 per year) and harvest patterns, but it also creates challenges processing the coffee and especially drying.


What we found quite unique is the way they utilized water to stall the processing and system for boxing the coffee overnight.


Regarding water, if the coffee was at the stage where it pulped and needing to hit the patio to dry but it was raining, they often would submerge it in clean water to, as almost a holding pattern, to protect the coffee from a) uncontrollable moisture, and b) sitting in a pile over-fermenting.


The ‘two-story kids doll house’ system brings the coffee back together after a day separated on the patio, homogenising much of moisture percentage while also protecting the whole lot from rain.


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