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KAMUNDU, Kiambu - Kenya
KAMUNDU, Kiambu - Kenya

KAMUNDU, Kiambu - Kenya

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Score: 86.25







    Nov - Jan 2021




    Kamundu state


    1,950 Masl


    Nectarine, Golden Syrup, Strawberry

Sasini Limited is a publicly listed company in Kenya which owns Kamundu estate. With a operational profit of £3 millions in 2021-2022, it is recognised as a big agro-industrial company in this country. In this estate, Sasini group have long placed an emphasis on equity and community. In the case of the estates’ workers this involves the provision of living quarters, early child education, union membership and guaranteed payment above minimum wage. 


For us it's a rarity to bring to our roaster this natural. As it's traditional that high quality and recognised Kenyans are wash processed alongside lower quality home-processed naturals.  But here in our tasting sessions of Kenyan samples we had a nice surprise. Always looking for coffee gems, we discovered in Kamundu coffee a different approach to try a great Kenyan. This SL34 is the first coffee that we've roasted that's natural processed, which provides a great and interesting contrast if compared with the more classic Kenyan profiles that are wash processed and has been our tradition to keep this in our portfolio. So, you can expect the same brightness and fresh berries from the previous ones, but in this case a more intense set of complex flavours in your cup.


Part of the character of this coffee comes from the region where it is cultivated. Kiambu has all the ingredients for SL34 variety to flourish: it is close to the equator, has iron rich, semi-volcanic soils, abundant sunshine and consistently high altitudes up to 2,000masl. The cool night time temperatures in these fertile highlands allows cherries to mature slowly, developing the acidity and complexity in the final cup.


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