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FILO DEL OSO, Geisha - Colombia
FILO DEL OSO, Geisha - Colombia

FILO DEL OSO, Geisha - Colombia

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In the cup, the Filo del Oso Geisha displays a good sweetness, clarity and sparkling flavor that may range from honey, dates, rose water, black tea, complex body. Quite a bouquet for some palates. They are also recognised by the distinctive bergamot oil and orange peel taste, often described as Earl Grey tea! Although there are some customers who have experienced strange notes of marshmallows and vanilla! 

Rare, exclusive and fetching a heavy price tag, Geisha variety is often associated with coffees from Panama when in fact cultivation of the Geisha varietal only began there in the 1960s and recently there are crops of the Geisha in Huila Colombia. 

This variety of coffee is the current coffee with the highest price paid ever in an auction, USD$1029.00 per pound ( Elida Estate - Panama, 2012 ) and the highest score ever in a coffee with 94 points. 

NOTE: This is not a forgiving coffee which is much more enjoyable when brewed as a filter coffee. Therefore this collection is available as whole bean filter roast only. Anything else would be a crime!



Score 88.7





    Jose Manuel Cantillo




    Suaza, Huila


    1,600 masl


    Sept - Oct 2019


    Sweet nut character. Complex. Nuts and grapefruit zest tones persist pleasantly into a long finish.

Nestled in this rich landscape and tended by experienced hands, the result from the Geisha coffee trees planted there is nothing short of stunning. An exemplary representative of a washed process approach to this distinguished variety. 

Spanning between the Andes Mountains and the Nevado del Huila volcano, is the vereda El Divino Niño in Suaza. This vereda should probably be called “Los Cantillo” instead, because it is home to the entire Cantillo Family. Isaias Cantillo, Jose Manuel’s father, used to work as a coffee picker. He moved from farm to farm, migrating from mountain to mountain through the departments of Huila, Tolima, and Risaralda. When he met Nidia, his wife, he decided it was time for him to settle down and so found and purchased a piece of land in Suaza, which he named La Esperanza.

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