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AeroPress Coffee Brewing Guide

AeroPress Coffee Brewing Guide

AeroPress Coffee Brewing

If you’re looking for a newer and more refreshing way of making your coffee, this method might appeal to you. It was only in 2005 when the AeroPress was first launched, and it was developed by Alan Adler.

The material construct of the AeroPress is plastic, and it is comprised of 3 parts. Within the coffee basket, the filter is positioned, and it is located in the lower chamber of the equipment.

Here’s how to prepare coffee using the AeroPress.

You will need to prepare:

  • Aerobie AeroPress
  • One time rinsed paper filter
  • 200ml newly boiled (hot) water
  • 12g medium grind coffee
  • Weighing scale
  • A timer
The first thing you need to do is to set up your AeroPress coffee maker.
  • Check the side of the coffee maker, and you will see a number 4. Station the rubber plunger to that.
  • Remove the cover of the AeroPress and turn it upside down. Put the device on the scale.
  • In the cap, place the paper filter and wash with water to remove any taste or residues.
  • Put the cap and the paper filter aside.
  • Get the coffee ready by preparing 12g of fresh grounds and plunk it into the AeroPress cylinder.
  • Boil water in a kettle, and let it cool down a bit by opening the lid. Its temperature should be about 93 to 94 degrees.
  • Start brewing by pouring the hot water into the AeroPress device and turn the timer on.
  • For 5 seconds, mix the coffee. Using hot water, pre-heat your mug.
  • Wait for 35 seconds, and proceed by screwing the filter into the AeroPress.
  • Twirl the device over.
  • Place your mug bottom up over the cover of the AeroPress and twist it over. Be very careful and make sure that you are supporting the plunger, along with the barrel and the mug.
  • Hold the Aeropress at the point where the plunger connects to the barrel so that you can grasp both of them together. Spin all these 3 components together.
  • Be cautious when upturning the AeroPress towards your mug. When plunging, the device is under pressure, so be wary of forcing the extraction.
  • Steadily and consistently press the plunger so that the brew completely flows into your cup.

Advantage of AeroPress Coffee Brewing

You can impress your friends with your coffee making skills using the AeroPress. What’s more, it’s so portable you can bring it with you outdoors, such as when you’re camping or travelling, other than being perfect for the kitchen. It’s easy to clean the equipment, too- all you have to do is throw the smut out and then rinse it.

The pressure of the plunger can in fact sometimes be strong, enabling you to finish your coffee brew in less than 2 minutes.

This device is ideal for a coffee lover who wants their blend to be smooth and full-bodied, sans the bitter or acidic taste. The espresso style created by the AeroPress can be used in lattes and cappuccinos, not to mention other drinks that are espresso-based.

To top them all, you’ll be amazed at how awesomely delicious your coffee is!

Disadvantages of AeroPress Coffee Brewing

When all used up, you need to buy the filters of the AeroPress separately. Upon purchase, however, the package comes with 350 microfilters, and there is now the Internet, so that shouldn’t be much of a problem. Then again, a drawback of this method is that it makes you yield one cup of coffee at a time. Thus, those coffee-bingeing sessions on the weekend can be more tricky.

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