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Bean details

Fragrance/Aroma: Berries, apple hints, burned sugar, jasmine, chocolate
Aftertaste: Prolonged - Comforting
Sweetness: Medium
Acidity: Bright, vibrant
Body: Enveloping
Balance: Well balanced
Notes: Chocolate, floral, fruity

Overall: 86

It is provocative to contemplate the fact that blending is as old as domesticated coffee production itself. The full body, low-toned Indonesian has been combined with the medium-bodied, enzymatic (chocolate-fruity), more acidic Nicaraguan coffees.   It is done to improve taste, the fact that the two complimented each other and resulted in a more complex cup than either provided by itself. With the crude roasting and brewing devices of the time, isn't it amazing that they could taste the improved complexity of the Indonesia-Nicaragua blend!.


In this occasion coffee comes from different small farms producing always speciality grade coffee, placed with an elevation between 1,300 and 1,700 masl.   


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