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Coffee Subscription Branson - Medium Roasted blend
Coffee Subscription Branson - Medium Roasted blend

Coffee Subscription Branson - Medium Roasted blend

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On addition of 1 x 400g bag you will receive:

  • The equivalent to 5 cups of coffee (you pay for 400g and will receive 440g)
  • 100g sample bag of Coffee Gems new releases. 
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  • FREE Coffee Drink in any location where Coffee Gems is selling drinks (Farmers Markets, Shows, Premises)

Bean details

Our great Branson blend is normally medium roasted to get a correct balance between caracteristic floral bright finish from Central American microlot coffees and the soft balanced acidity from Indonesian coffees.

Branson is constructed with some of the world’s finest Nicaraguan or Guatemalan and Indonesian coffees, this blend’s components rotate so we can always bring it to you at peak flavor.

These flavors are indeed big. You’ll taste chocolate, fruit, florals and even toasty nuts in this welcoming blend. The coffee is fully-washed, which allows layers of flavor and nuance within a balanced, bright sweet cup.


Normally coffees from Central America come from microlots with a quality score above 84, these are produced in farms no bigger than 10 hectares. Coffee trees in the region are shaded with orange and guava trees.

Opposite to this Latin America coffee feature, Indonesian coffees are cultivated and processed in co-cops. These are complex, syrupy, low acidity and typically extremely dense which makes them ideal for roasting on the darker side. This is largely due to the widespread practice of a traditional processing method unique to Indonesia known as "giling basah". This semi-washed method is known commonly as wet-hulling and nearly all the coffee in the region are processed in this manner. In short, the coffee cherry is allowed to dry on the bean for a short time before being washed and removed, imparting some of the flavors of the pulp and fruit to the bean.


  • Normally all our coffee is packed in 200g, 500g or 1kg  foil-lined and valved bags, however for subscription coffee we use 400g bags only. 
  • All our coffees are roasted to order so we require at least one working day before we can dispatch your order.
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