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Coffee tasting experience

Coffee tasting experience - Free

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Come join us at Coffee Gems, your local artisan roastery, for FREE coffee tasting sessions, every Wednesday between 4:30-5.30pm.

A hands-on coffee tasting experience; exploring our newest coffees and/or coffees that we're in the process of selecting for our portfolio, all of which score 86+ (excellent high quality speciality coffee).

You'll enjoy an immersive experience, full of aromas, flavours and a few magical stories at a small local business that loves being part of your community.

Discover what makes specialty coffee special - look forward to seeing you soon, Ricardo and the Coffee Gems team.

About Your Host; Owner and Coffee Whisperer, Ricardo

Ricardo's love for coffee started where coffee grows, in a remote Colombian region named Huila. He grew up on his grandparents' estate and fondly remembers the coffee plantations blooming, dressed in white, with scents of jasmine and his grandmother using a copper pot to roast. 

Today in the United Kingdom and with more than 15 years of speciality coffee experience under his belt, his passion and mastery is to cure the best green coffee beans in the market, roast them to bring out the most prominent flavours of each origin and delight the British public and far beyond with these exceptional beans.

Booking Details

Location: Unit C11, Bumpers Way, Bumpers Farm Industrial Estate, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6LH

Session Length: 1.0hr

Maximum guests per session: 8

Price: FREE

Our coffee experiences are typically held on a Wednesday afternoon. 

You just need to book the session that you wish to participate. 

If you’re interested in bringing a private group or a corporate booking, please get in touch for more info.

Telephone: 07511 207973



  • Enjoy a fascinating coffee tasting experience at Coffee Gems Artisan Roastery where our events are built around bringing people together over coffee.
  • Taste some of the best coffees that we source and roast. 
  • Professional tips and tricks for getting the best out of your coffee on your setup
  • Take a complimentary 10% off in any coffee of our collections