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FAMILIA DIAZ - El Salvador
FAMILIA DIAZ - El Salvador
FAMILIA DIAZ - El Salvador

FAMILIA DIAZ - El Salvador

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Deeply sweet-savory, complex, layered.Strawberry, raspberry, nougat, Nutella, candied walnut in aroma and cup. Richly bittersweet structure with gently bright acidity; plush, syrupy-smooth mouthfeel. Resonant, long, flavor-laden finish.

Score: 86



    Finca Familia DIaz

  • Country

    El Salvador






    1,300 masl


    January - March 2021


    Strawberry, Raspberry, Nougat, Stone fruits

Chalatenango is a region in El Salvador not as well-known as Santa Ana because of its coffee production , however due to a long term job developed by particular coffee farmers interested in high quality coffees, nowadays this area  source some of the best, most dynamic coffees we've tasted. The average farm held by these producers is between 1–3 manzanas in size (1 manzana is slightly smaller than a hectare), and most yield fewer than 20 full-size bags of exportable coffee annually. They grow predominantly Bourbon, Pacas, and Pacamara variety coffees, and until the 2010s the producers with whom we're working had all been selling their lots on the local market for a low price, without any way to access better buyers.


The Diaz family are an amazing group of coffee growers. José Efrain is the father of Jose William, Renato, and  Santos Arnulfo Diaz. More than 30 years ago, José Efrain used to work with wood and cultivated vegetables but later he decided to switch to coffee, since it was a more profitable endeavor. José Efrain began with 0.5 hectare and continued to expand over time, currently the family owns a 33.5-hectare farm, with 14.5 hectares being used  for growing coffee. Each member of the family owns their own part of the farm and so, as a family, they have found a balance, allowing them to work together.  


As a family they use the same workers for all the farms, creating a rotational work plan, distributing the workforce according to each of the farm’s needs and the coffee growing cycle. When the harvest season arrives, they already know who the collectors will be and assign them based on the maturity levels and the volume that will be harvested on each farm, and the same happens for the drying of the coffee. 


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