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Fazenda Paradiso  - Brazil
Fazenda Paradiso  - Brazil

Fazenda Paradiso - Brazil

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This unique extended fermentation batch originates from Amarildo Jose Borges, sourced from his farm, Fazenda Paraiso, situated near Carmo do Paranaiba in the Cerrado region. Spanning 170 hectares, the farm ranges from 1,000 to 1,150 meters above sea level. Processing this lot involves a 72-hour fermentation period for the cherries, followed by sun-drying on a cemented patio.

Score: 86.25



    Amarildo Jose Borges

  • Country



    Natural/Dry Processed with ext. cherry fermentation


    Cerrado Mineiro


    1,000 - 1,500 masl


    Nov 23 - Jan 24


    Apple, sherry, dark chocolate, blackcurrant

Nestled in Cerrado near Carmo do Paranaiba, Fazenda Paraíso is Amarildo Jose Borges's 170-hectare testament to resilience. Elevated between 1,000 to 1,150 meters, this farm embodies dedication. With a history tracing back to 1985, Amarildo's journey through challenges has yielded high-quality harvests. Employing meticulous processing methods, such as a 72-hour fermentation and sun-drying on cemented patios, Amarildo ensures the flavors of Cerrado shine through in each cup, epitomizing excellence in every sip.
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