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The Cup

Fragrance/Aroma:  Floral, citrus fruits
Aftertaste: Prolonged
Sweetness: High
Acidity: Elegant bright fruit 
Body: Smooth mouthfeel
Balance: Classic, Intense
Notes: Very fruity with caramelized sugar, lemon-lime, grape and cocoa flavours; sugary sweet with tart tangy acidity and a heavy mouthfeel.

Quality Score: 86
Processing Method: Honey
Altitude: 1650 masl



The Aguilera Brothers are a set of Cup of Excellence–winning siblings who carry on their long-time family tradition by working together to plant, pick, and process coffees from their combined 60 hectares of farmland: Their father was one of the first to plant coffee in this area in the 1940s. The 12 Aguilera brothers and sisters divide the work among themselves, with two of the brothers, Felipe and Erasmo, overseeing most of the mill operation as well as the drying areas. There are about 20 varieties sprinkled throughout the family’s primary 

They are a total of 12 brothers and sisters all of which are involved in coffee from the time of their parents. The brothers work the mill and farms themselves with basically no hired labour other than pickers during the harvest. With the help of the third-generation, they work the mill, work the drying patios, prune the coffee fields, fertilize, etc year-round.

Most of the coffee farmed by this amazing family is of the Villa Sarchi varietal which is a Bourbon mutation (similar to Caturra and Pacas) found originally in Naranjo, West Valley.

We’re continually impressed with the quality of coffees that we’re getting from these guys and through our partners at Cafe Imports, we’re excited to be continuing the relationship.


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