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In every industry you need people to set the bar, that are committed to excellence and diversity of a global community. When it comes to the coffee, that's the Cup of Excellence (CoE).

Specifically today we are talking about a really exceptional farm which has stood out in this competition, consistently sitting in the top ranking, with coffee scoring higher than 88 in the last three years, in one of the most quality recognised coffee producing countries in the world, Costa Rica: Finca Chispita  -annually more than 2,000 farms participate in the Costa Rica CoE, each one of them producing incredible speciality grade, top quality coffees

At Coffee Gems we managed to secure a small lot of approx. 80 bags of 200g from Finca Chispita, which will be privately offered, initially, to regular Coffee Gems customers, subscribers and followers.

Score 88.8

    Golden Honey


    Costa Rica


    Carlos Barrantes


    Kenia SL28


    Naranjo, Alajuela


    1,500 masl


    Sept - Oct 2019


    Black Grape, White Peach, Black Cherry, Tropical Fruits and Chocolate

Finca Chispita is situated in Cirri Sur, Naranjo, and is part of the Alajuela province. This award winning Costa Rica farm is the result of the hard work and dedication of Don Carlos. He and his wife, Diana own five small farms and La Perla Del Cafe Micromill —”micro” being the key word here, not only produces about 300 bags a year, but their dedication to quality means they focus on quality over quantity in all ways. They work with the exact same group of pickers every year, a group of 45 indigenous people from Panama, who travel to the farms for work every season, and with whom they keep in touch, like family, the rest of the year.

This year the farm produced a Kenia SL28 as a natural and golden honey process, a change from their normal honeys or washed process coffees.

He was the first producer in Costa Rica to be given SL-28 and rather than hoard the special variety for himself, he has distributed seeds to friends and neighbours for the past few years. Don Carlos believes that growing non-traditional varieties, in addition to focusing on honey and natural processing, will be what allows him to differentiate La Perla’s coffee from others in the region.

  • This coffee is only packed in 200g. 
  • All our coffees are roasted to order so we require at least one working day before we can dispatch your order.
  • Delivery charge is £2.50 per order (mainland UK)
  • For all orders over £20 (before delivery) delivery is FREE

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