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Guatemalan Coffee - El Pensativo, Chimaltenango
Guatemalan Coffee - El Pensativo, Chimaltenango
Guatemalan Coffee - El Pensativo, Chimaltenango

Guatemalan Coffee - El Pensativo, Chimaltenango

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Fragrance/Aroma: Citrus Acidity, Peach hints, Balanced body.
Aftertaste: Prolonged, clean lingering finish
Sweetness: Medium
Acidity: Marked medium acidity. Mild and smooth. 
Body: Rounded
Balance: Well balanced
Notes: Complex, nutty 

Overall: 85

Starting on December until the middle of March every year, over 3,000 producing units from the zone devote to pick the valued grains that may belong to the varieties Bourbón, Caturra or Catuaí. The result is an exquisite, fragrant coffee, with a marked acidity, balanced body and a clean, lingering finish

Chimaltenango Department is a well known area as in there lie the Acatenango Valley, which is a hidden jewel in the world of Guatemalan coffees. Since the 1880’s, farmers have grown coffee under dense shade, on the foothills of Acatenango volcano. Today, small producers and family-run farms cultivate the hills as high as 6,500 feet (2000 meters).

The forest they create is a gift; a lush ecological refuge for countless species of local and migratory birds. Temperate gusts from the Pacific Ocean shield the region from frost and infuse the air with the ideal amount of humidity.

Constant eruptions from nearby Fuego volcano keep the coarse, sandy soils full of minerals. Marked seasons allow coffee to be sun-dried, and processing follows age-old family traditions

Coop El Fugitivo is recognised for its high quality standard to produce Specialty Guatemalan coffee. There are 49 families cultivating coffee in an area of 98 hectares.


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