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7 Things that you Didn't know about Coffee Beans

Things that you Didn't know about Coffee Beans

Things that you Didn't know about Coffee Beans

Coffee is a drink made from coffee beans, the roasted fruit of the coffee Arabian bush (see the home of the best roasted coffee beans). Many people drink coffee to relieve mental and physical fatigue and increase mental alertness.

Coffee is also used to prevent Parkinson's disease, dementia, and many other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support its many uses. Coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine works by stimulating the central nervous system (CNS), heart, and muscles. There are other chemicals in coffee that have other benefits.

Coffee is one of the most popular drinks, but despite its popularity, most people do not know what to drink every morning. As a favourite drink of many of us, coffee is easy to geek out. Many people can't even function without drinking coffee. But how much do you really know about your favourite drink? Here are the seven things you didn't know about coffee before.

7 Awesome things that you didn't know about Coffee Beans

1. Your body does not need coffee in the morning

Due to your body's natural clock (aka circadian clock), when you wake up you naturally produce a hormone called cortisol. Caffeine did nothing for you if you consumed it in the morning. Want the best effects of caffeine? When cortisol levels drop, wait until dawn.

2. It's not the caffeine you want. This is the effect of caffeine on adenosine

Have you ever wondered why you like coffee? It has to do with what is adenosine levels, and when you begin to reach their peak, the brain slows down, causing you to fall asleep or at least slow down the work you are doing.

But caffeine binds to your receptors that are adenosine receptors, and when it does, your adenosine levels were unable to detect by your brain, so it continues at a high rate. That means caffeine will not stop you; breaking anything in fact will naturally slow you down!

3. Coffee inspired webcams

Researchers of the University of Cambridge in England did their research on coffee in 1997 they used a camera and installed it that gave a live picture of a coffee machine. If they can see in advance that it is empty, it will save them the inevitable journey and frustration.

A few years later, the camera reached the internet and soon became an international sensation. It was watched by people around the world until it closed in 2001.

4. Astronauts got a special design cup so they could have a coffee in space

Coffee drink

Most of us have never thought about gravity, but if you can't keep your coffee in your cup, you probably will. Many researchers have done a special cup of coffee for the astronauts and scientists at Portland state university. But fortified grain coffee cups are not cheap, it costs $ 500 to print them with a 3-D printer.

5. Two types of coffee are Arabica and Canephora (aka Robusta)

Canephora (aka Robusta) is highly productive, immune, and high in caffeine content. Arabica contains 50% more lipids and almost twice as much sugar, resulting in higher acidity and a more complex aroma. It is the most expensive coffee available in cafes.

Inexpensive coffee is usually Canephora, and the most exclusive coffees are Arabica. Each of these varieties is divided into two groups, the most common being the Arabica species, Bourbon and Typica.

The Robusta genus Canephora is very common, many roasters label their products as Robusta and you will never see the term canephora used outside the scientific context.

6. The background sound in the cafe is right for you

Ambient sound has a positive effect on you, so if you think you are looking for an amazing product in coffee shops, this may be the reason. The right level of ambient noise allows our brain to think more creatively.

Researchers led by University of Illinois Urban-Champion Ravi Mehta examined different levels of noise among participants as they completed tests of creative thinking.

Participants were randomly divided into four groups and asked to complete the Remote Associates' test. Some people were tested while sitting in the office and others took the test while sitting in coffee cafes.

It was noted that the people who took the test in a cafe listening to surrounding sounds showed good brain activity and manifested high creativity levels as compared to people who sat in a stressful environment who showed low creativity and interest levels

But even if you can not go to the cafe, you can create this feeling at home. The CoffeeTV site also makes the cafe, espresso cups, and local sounds you can often hear transmitted directly to your headphones.

7. Coffee spills easier than beer

Ever tried to have a cup full of black coffee? The coffee spreading from the edge is quite difficult to handle? Many scientists notice that coffee never ends easily due to the foam content cappuccino black filter of your coffee will sink to the bottom

You may have now learned about coffee and its history. Coffee is the love of all age groups. Coffee production has become a sophisticated product for large and small companies in the commercial world.

Technology and improvements in the coffee trade industry are two key factors that will help many of those companies to compete in the mysterious realm of the coffee trade.

Many coffee addicts discover a different culture of coffee to drink it in new ways. Production, trade, and distribution methods have changed to meet these new requirements, but further improvements are needed.

Therefore more coffee research and development should be an ongoing process.

To grow your business as a coffee seller you have to make the right decisions. Schedule your daily life routine will help you to grow your business higher and higher.

And even if you do not have enough budget to start and now want to host your current business, you can use some software to manage all your coffee trading activities. It's not too late.