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One of the UK's Best Coffee Bean Subscriptions / coffee subscription box

Also we only roast unique coffee for subscription boxes. All our single origins score 86 or higher

You receive: | 400g coffee bag | a FREE 80g bag when we release any new coffee

|10% discount versus one off purchase| Receive invitation-only for very rare coffee purchases

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  • You drink only finest top-end coffee, scoring 85+

  • FREE 80g bag of new coffee releases

  • Coffee farmers are receiving a premium.

  • Exclusive invitation to get exceptional/rare coffees

  • Pause or cancel anytime

how coffee subscriptions work

  • Step 1


    Single origins, blends and espressos.
    Always enjoy a perfect cup from exceptional and sustainable coffee farms

  • Step 2


    Choose how much
    Choose how often
    Choose which grind is right for you

  • Step 3


    Experience the freshest roasted coffee subscription delivered directly to you.
    Pause or cancel anytime.

select coffee gift subscriptions

Single origin coffees or blends, always there is a choice for your loved ones.

Coffee beans subscription - FAQs

Mainly there is one difference between these two choices. In regular subscriptions you will receive the coffees of your preference periodically and will be charged in this way until you wish to stop the subscription anytime. Coffee gift subscriptions is a one off purchase where you decide if it is for 3, 6 or 12 months. Once the time comes to the last delivery, you will receive an invitation to subscribe to any recurrent subscription. The rest of choices as frequency and type of coffees are manageable the same in these two kinds of subscriptions.

Yes, at Coffee Gems you can choose their preferred delivery date during the checkout process by writing a note in the box of comments at the checkout page, otherwise you can reach out to us and request a specific delivery date. Please, note that the purchase date will be taken as default to generate future delivery dates.

You just need to login to your account, click on the address tab under subscription details and then edit the address. Otherwise you can send us an email with the information that you wish to update and we are happy to support you.

We don't include shipping costs in the price of our products. Iinstead, we charge separately for the product and shipping. We are transparent in our pricing and pass on any shipping discounts we receive to our customers.

You will receive a 400g bag of your selected coffee.

Because this is the feedback that we have received from our customers after trying different products. It’s related to the high score (86+) of the coffees that we roast, something that very rare roasters in the country do but also by the perks that a subscriber receive, where a free 80g bag from new coffee released is the most memorable and also special collection of coffees offered only by invitation to subscribers. Invitation to special events and discount to our coffee experiences are very much appreciated by our customers.