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How to make a cup of coffee by using different methods

Which method do you use for your coffee morning? 

Making coffee at home is a vital ritual in our lives which involve personal decisions regarding to the selection of coffee beans and the method under which we will brew them. Between science and religion, we coffee lovers are always chasing the perfect shot, doesn't matter which method we use, as long as we have a handy guide in our journey. Thinking about this precious time which we allocate to prepare a coffee and to make more enjoyable these moments, here we have curated a very tested coffee preparation guides for you. Enjoy and good luck! 

V60 Dripper Coffee Brewing Guide

How to make a great coffee with a V60

There are several ways of brewing your home coffee, and one of them is by using the V60 Dripper.

Aside from being the oldest method, this is also the cheapest. This technique makes use of a coffee cone and a filter paper for making your java. You’ll find it to be really simple and quite elementary to do. V60 Dripper Coffee Brewing Guide

Cafetiere Coffee Brewing Guide

How to prepare a coffee in a cafetiere

If you want a pure and flavorful cup of Joe in the quickest brewing time possible, you can opt to brew it using the Cafetiere coffee maker or through the French Press technique. This method is just like a fantastic chum who always gets you warmed up.

It was in 1929 when the Cafetiere or French Press coffee brewing method was developed, and from that time on, coffee lovers have found an amazing technique of making their cups of a superior blend in a fast and convenient way. Cafetiere Coffee Brewing Guide

AeroPress Coffee Brewing

Aeropress coffee maker

If you’re looking for a newer and more refreshing way of making your coffee, this method might appeal to you. It was only in 2005 when the AeroPress was first launched, and it was developed by Alan Adler.

The material construct of the AeroPress is plastic, and it is comprised of 3 parts. Within the coffee basket, the filter is positioned, and it is located in the lower chamber of the brewing equipment. Aeropress Brewing Guide

Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Brewing 

Chemex in Coffee Gems

The Chemex coffee-making method is one that will surely impress your date. It’s when you can let the gentleman in you come out. 

You’ll be making use of the Chemex equipment when brewing, and this is actually a well-built and sophisticated-looking flask for pouring over. Its inventor is Dr. Peter Schlumbom and was created way back in 1941. Chemex Coffee Brewing Guide

Bialetti Italian moka pot

How to prepare a coffee with a Bialetti moka pot

The Moka pot is an Italian wonder. For years and years it has been the most known way to prepare coffee in any Italy home. Its unparalleled ability to produce a viscous, appropriately dense espresso with no electricity or fancy equipment is gorgeous. Not to talk about its fancy little gurgle it makes as it works its magic on the stovetop.

In this method, hot water produces steam pressure that moves through the lower chamber of a pot wherein the coffee grounds are contained.

The Moka Pot actually produces a well-designed steam pressure process that creates a tight pressure while the coffee rests in the higher section. Popular brands of the Moka Pot include Kabalo, Pedrini and Bialetti. Stovetop Moka Pot Coffee Brewing.

How to make espresso at home

How to brew espresso at home

Here’s a regrettable truth: you could spend a lifetime trying to achieve the perfect espresso shot. Once at home you have your tools in order, the road becomes smoother and the challenge becomes about patience and practice. Probably you already have stains of espresso shots on your hands... this is part of the adventure. You will have a glimpse of hope, probably near to the the glory if you have brushed it with balance, body, sweetness, and depth in divine attunement. How to make espresso at home

Cold Brew Coffee-Making Guide

Cold Brew Coffee-Making

By cold brew coffee, you go beyond simply putting ice in hot brewed coffee. What this method exactly means is the coffee beans are steeped in cold water or in room temperature for a particular period of time. 

Heat is lacking in this coffee making technique, and this results to coffee solubles being unable to be dissolved. Voila! You then yield a cup of java that is sweeter, smoother, and with lower acidity and bitterness. Cold Coffee Brewing Guide.

Clever Dripper Coffee Brewing

Clever Dripper Coffee Brewing

The Clever Dripper, as a coffee brewing device, lives up to its name and for many reasons at that. For one thing, it is versatile, able to combine the processes of dripping and immersion in the total scenario of coffee extraction.

This coffee making equipment looks and is shaped like a V60. Nonetheless, it has an added valve component that traps the water in the immersion process. You as the user will decide when it will be released. Clever Dripper Brewing Guide.