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BELLAVISTA, Antigua - Guatemala
BELLAVISTA, Antigua - Guatemala

BELLAVISTA, Antigua - Guatemala

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For many years, the Zelaya family’s business focus was on commercial coffee production and export. This changed in 2000 when Luis Zelaya began developing and changing Bella Vista’s focus into specialty coffee and microlots, with the support of some early clients.

Score: 86.75

    Yellow Caturra - Red Bourbon


    Luis Pedro Zelaya

  • Country







    1,500 masl


    January 2023


    Blueberry, Mango, Pineapple, Rum, Creamy

Luis Pedro Zelaya is a fourth generation coffee producer and a leader in the Antigua coffee community. With a background in agronomy, he brings knowledge and innovation to all aspects of his practices. Bella Vista is both a meticulously planted coffee farm and an expansive processing facility that is the centre of the Zelaya family operation. Here, coffee is grown, processed, dried, milled, and evaluated for quality.


In addition to exporting green coffee, Luis Pedro also operates a roasting facility and serves coffee at the Bella Vista cafe in the centre of Antigua. Luis Pedro Zelaya runs the family business with a deep respect for its history and an eye towards innovation. He focuses on pruning, tissue management, soil enrichment, and preventive methods for plant health.


A hallmark of Luis Pedro's approach on all the farms is a unique pruning system, each year aggressively cutting back every third row. One row is always growing new tissue, one is in peak production, and one is awaiting pruning. This helps stabilise volume each year, and allows for even light and airflow.





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