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Single origin coffee is a type of coffee that is known for its exceptional quality. It is made from coffee beans that are sourced from a particular farm or region, giving it unique flavours and characteristics that are specific to that area.

Our single origin coffee beans are carefully selected from the world's top farmers who are known for their excellent skills and attention to detail. We establish long-term relationships with these farmers, visiting them regularly and paying a premium for their coffee. Many of these farmers have won or been finalists in the prestigious Cup of Excellence Competition, which recognizes the world's best coffees. We are inspired by these exceptional farmers and their passion for producing high-quality coffee. We take great care in roasting their coffee to bring out the unique flavours and characteristics that make each batch so special.

We offer a wide selection of exceptional single-origin coffees in the UK, selected for their unique qualities and characteristicsSee our guide. 

From incredible light floral notes to chocolate caramel aftertaste, here you will find a one-of-the-kind coffee, special for you. Buy online, brew at the office or at your home and enjoy. Also, find more in our coffee Subscription UK and different ways to make coffee.

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  • LA CABANA, Huila - Colombia
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Single origin coffee - FAQs

Single origin coffee beans refers to coffee that is sourced from a specific geographical location, such as a farm or region within a country. Single-origin coffee is typically harvested from a single crop, during a specific season, and undergoes minimal processing to preserve its natural characteristics. This type of coffee is highly valued by coffee enthusiasts due to its unique flavor profile, which is influenced by factors such as soil type, altitude, and climate.

Single origin coffee is often considered to be of higher quality because the flavor of coffee beans is influenced by the unique environmental factors of the specific region where it is grown, including soil type, altitude, and climate. This type of coffee makes it an excellent way for coffee lovers to taste the unique flavor profiles that are specific to different regions, and appreciate the distinctive qualities that each coffee has to offer.

We source our single-origin coffee from wherever coffee farmers produce high-quality coffee, regardless of the country. We offer roasted coffees from traditional coffee-producing countries like Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Brazil, Costa Rica, and El Salvador, as well as interesting varieties from India, Sumatra, and Peru. And let's not forget El Cafetal from the Galapagos Islands which was superb! This coffee is very rare and exotic, with unique flavours.

In this case what we suggest to determine which single origin coffee is best suited for your brewing method, jump to the specific information provided on the chosen coffee. This will include information about the flavour profile, origin, and roast level, which will help you find the perfect coffee for your taste preference and brewing method.