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Cafetiere Coffee Brewing Guide

Cafetiere Coffee Brewing

Cafetiere Coffee Brewing

If you want a pure and flavorful cup of Joe in the quickest time possible, you can opt to brew it using the Cafetiere coffee maker or through the French Press technique. This method is just like a fantastic chum who always gets you warmed up.

It was in 1929 when the Cafetiere or French Press coffee brewing method was developed, and from that time on, coffee lovers have found an amazing technique of making their cups of a superior blend in a fast and convenient way.

Here’s how to brew coffee using the Cafetiere.

You need to prepare:

  • A Cafetiere coffee maker
  • A weighing scale
  • A timer

If you want to brew 1 cup of coffee, you need 15g of coffee and 250ml water.

If you want to brew 2 cups of coffee, you need 30g of coffee and 500ml water.

If you want to brew 3 cups of coffee, you need 45g of coffee and 750ml water.

If you want to brew 4 cups of coffee, you need 60g of coffee and 1000ml water.

  • The first thing to do is to pre-heat the Cafetiere coffee maker with boiling water. When it becomes warm, discard the water.
  • Put the Cafetiere in the weighing scales and weigh the grounds in the correct amount.
  • Get a kettle and boil water. After boiling, open the lid for about 1 minute so that the water will slightly cool to approximately 93 to 94 degrees.
  • Adjust the scale to zero and start pouring hot water into the Cafetiere device. See to it that all the coffee grounds are soaked and then start using the timer.
  • Steep the mixture for about 4 minutes and then break the crust that has taken shape on the surface by stirring.
  • Let the brew stand for an additional 5 minutes, allowing the coffee to sink and settle.
  • Place the cover of the Cafetiere and plunge it thoroughly. A little resistance is expected. Pour the brew into your cup/s and enjoy!

The flavor that comes out from the Cafetiere method is wonderfully pure and sharp.

Advantages of Cafetiere Coffee Brewing

Sipping your cup via the Cafetiere or French press technique lets you relish a rich and luscious flavorful taste. You cannot definitely miss this, along with a brewing method that is so extraordinary it gives you total control of the time, taste and strength of your blend. 

Disadvantages of Cafetiere Coffee Brewing

If your mornings are busy, this process of making coffee is not ideal. Why? You need careful monitoring, from the temperature of the water to the grind size of the beans. Unlike other methods, you cannot just leave your pot brewing while you take your shower. It is not easy to clean, either, especially if you don’t have a nearby garbage disposal. Refrain from throwing the grounds in the sink because it could cause clogging.

Advisory has been dire about drinking too much unfiltered coffee, such as that produced through French Press or Cafetiere method because it might raise bad cholesterol levels. Without filtering your coffee, oily substances will be added to it, otherwise called as diterpenes. Although it's these oils that make your brew taste better, it can compromise your health.

If you’re a French press/Cafetiere brewed coffee lover, you therefore have to keep your cholesterol levels in check, or limit your intake to 4 cups a day.