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HUMBLE JUAN - Subscription
HUMBLE JUAN - Subscription

HUMBLE JUAN - Subscription

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On addition of 1 x 400g bag you will receive:

  • 80g sample bag of new coffee releases. 
  • £1.5 Coffee drinks in any location where Coffee Gems is selling drinks (Farmers Markets, Shows, Premises)
  • Only £2,95 per UK delivery.
  • Same day shipping service.
  • You'll be able to manage this subscription and change or cancel at any time.

Bean details

As one of our lighter roast for espresso, Humble Juan could be characterised as an smooth, creamy, well rounded and sweet coffee with a lasting cup. Long roasted at the lowest temperatures possible to enhance its chocolate-caramelised sweetness side.

Its consistent profile also makes it a very dynamic and adaptable blend that holds up well to just about every brewing device out there. So if you like waking up to a dark, rich but balanced flavour, look no further; Humble Juan will give you a dessert first mentality that won’t give you cavities and goes well with milk.

Only from arabica variety, in this season this blend of Brazilian natural processed coffee, which add to the cup an attractive fruity and sweet body and a Colombian from Viani region, washed processed to add an aromatic positive sweeter quality to the cup.