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THE PILGRIM - Subscription

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On addition of 1 x 400g bag you will receive:

  • 80g sample bag of Coffee Gems new releases. 
  • FREE Delivery in a box pack
  • FREE Coffee Drink in any location where Coffee Gems is selling drinks (Farmers Markets, Shows, Premises)

Bean details

This season, we present a two-coffee blend hailing from Central America and Brazil. From Mantiqueira de Minas in Minas Gerais, Brazil hails a naturally-processed Lempira and Rubi lot responsible for contributing body and creamy chocolate flavors. Joining it, from Nicaragua, comes a Bourboun lot representative of the comforting and fruity acidities for which this region is lauded.


The Pilgrim has always been one of our preffered classics.

This season, we present a coffee blend hailing from Nicaragua and Mantiquiera de Minas, Brazil. Brazil hails a naturally-processed Catuai lot responsible for contributing a creamy comforting body and caramel sweetnes flavors. Joining it, from Jinoteca, Nicaragua, comes a catuai lot representative of the fruity and citric acidities for which this region is lauded.


  • Normally all our coffee is packed in 200g, 500g or 1kg  foil-lined and valved bags, however for subscription coffee we use 400g bags only. 
  • All our coffees are roasted to order so we require at least one working day before we can dispatch your order.
  • Delivery charge for Subscription Product is FREE
  • Standard delivery is charged at £2 per order (mainland UK)
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