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DON JOACO - Decaf subscription

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  • On addition of 1 x 400g bag you will receive:

    Finest top-end coffee, SCA scoring 85 or higher.
    Coffee farmers are paid even more than twice above market rates.
    80g sample bag of Coffee Gems new releases. 
    Only £2,95 per UK delivery.
    £1.5 Coffee drinks in any location where Coffee Gems is selling drinks (Farmers Markets, Shows, Premises).

    We begin with meticulously sourced beans, choosing only those whose flavours and profiles can stand up to decaffeination. Our decaf regional blend features a mix of beans from Huila Colombia, which have been treated  under the chemical free process of sugar cane that removes caffeine, but retains completely its flavour integrity.  

    We've all seen the decaf slamming memes and jokes. We agree but on a totally different level. We're anti-BAD decaf versus decaf in general. If it were up to us, we’d request a rewrite for all those decaf jabs. Want to hear a joke? Bad decaf. Coffee Gems Artisan Roasters is only roasting and serving some of the best coffees on Earth.

    Our single origin organic decaf is sweet and complex beyond all expectations for a decaffeinated coffee. Dried fruit, caramel and creamy chocolate flavours create an unbelievable caffeine-free experience.

    • Bean & Decaf process details

      Our decaf is an special one in more than one way: first, they're cupped specifically for their quality and sourced by single-origin, either region or farm. It is natural processed by using a sugar cane component (ethyl acetate).

      The process works by soaking green coffee in a solution of e.a., which bonds to the salts of chlorogenic acid in the coffee and allows for the removal of caffeine. The coffee is removed from the solvent and steamed at low pressure to remove the e.a. compounds, and the finished product retains its flavour integrity but contains almost no caffeine at all. (The beans will contain a maximum of 0.01–0.03% caffeine.)

      (The beans will contain a maximum of 0.01–0.03% caffeine.)

    (see our decaf coffee beans).