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Be your own Barista! The secrets to the perfect cold brew

Coffee Gems cold brew

Adorning our Instagram feeds as soon as Spring arrives, cold brew has in recent years become a very fashionable way to drink coffee. So let’s talk a little bit regarding some good tips which can improve your perfect cold brew coffee.

In this blog post, we’re looking into the immersion method for cold brew coffee. There are other ways to make a cold brew: including Japanese iced coffee (where you brew the coffee hot and pour it over ice) and ice drip brewing (where you need a little bit more time as with this method you’re dripping cold water directly onto the coffee).

Immersion cold brew coffee

Coffee Gems cold brew

So what is the immersion method? In simple terms, it’s letting coffee grounds sit in water for a number of hours. Easy stuff, right?

The first rule of cold brew? Making sure your coffee beans are ground coarsely. If they’re too fine, you’ll be left with a sandy texture in your mouth, as the grounds will get through the mesh during the coffee immersion process.

Another really important thing to consider when making the perfect cold brew coffee is the amount of coffee you’re using. It sounds pretty obvious, but it’s really important you consider what you’re having with your cold brew coffee as that will affect how many grams to use. If you’re a fan of cold brew coffee straight over ice, try 60 to 80g of coarsely ground coffee. Enjoy your cold brew with milk and sugar? Then opt for 90g to 120g of coffee grounds.

As with any coffee brewing method, timing is really important. The time you allow the coffee to be steeped in the water will dramatically alter the taste of your cold brew. Eight to 16 hours of immersion will produce quite a light tasting cold brew, whereas over 16 hours will create a more rich and deep flavour profile to your cup. The perfect time? It’s down to personal preference.

Finally, temperature must be considered. Yes, we’re talking about cold brew here but you don’t have to keep the jug in the fridge for the entire brewing time. For a more acidic cold brew, keep the jug in the fridge the whole brewing time. For a more delicate cup, keep it on the counter top for a while first.

Give it a go at home!

The perfect cold brew coffee is down to personal preference, so make sure you try varying weights of coffee and different immersion times to get the perfect cup for you.

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