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Best Way To Make Iced Coffee - Iced Coffee Recipe

How to Make Homemade Iced Coffee - Coffee Gems Recipe

Whenever the temperature outside is unusually pleasant, a steaming cup of coffee is probably not what you're looking for. If the sun is shining, try this iced coffee recipe for a pleasant variation from your morning coffee (don't forget to see our coffee making guide)...

Iced Tea Ingredients are as follows:

Best Way To Make Iced Coffee

Double espresso (or a very short, powerful coffee made the traditional way!)
Milk that has been partially skimmed (or your preference)
Demerara sugar, ice.

Iced Coffee Recipe Method: 

Best Way To Make Iced Coffee

Step 1

Make a strong, short coffee. A double espresso is ideal.

Step 2

1 teaspoon sugar, melted into hot coffee (adjust to taste - this one is up to you!)

Step 3

Pour half a glass of coffee over half a glass of ice (use frozen coffee ice to keep your drink from becoming overly diluted!)

Step 4

Fill with milk and swirl for a few moments.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What is the composition of iced coffee?

    Ice coffee, in its most basic form, can simply be... Surprisingly enough, ice and coffee! However, there are numerous varieties. For a touch of sweetness, we've added milk and sugar. You may make it more decadent by adding syrup and cream, or by adding a spoonful of ice cream (float style, or blended through).

    Who is the inventor of iced coffee?

    The first reference appears to come from documents from the Battle of Mazagran in 1840, when French soldiers cooled off with iced coffee after running out of milk. When they returned to France, they served it in local cafés under the name ‘café mazagran'!

    Is iced coffee going to keep me awake?

    This is one that catches folks off guard. There's a distinction to be made between iced coffee and cold brew. Iced coffee is simply hot coffee that has been chilled by the addition of ice. That implies the caffeine content will be the same as if you had simply drank the coffee. Cold brew is a different storey; it's made using cold water, which is considered to extract less caffeine, making it less potent.

    Ever wondered is decaf coffee good for you?