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Coffee Roasting 101: Understanding the Differences Between Espresso and Filter Roasts

If you are someone who is used to picking up instant coffee from the shelves of your neighbourhood grocery store, choosing between different roasts may seem like an alien concept. After all, what difference does it make if you pick up a special filter roast or an espresso roast? Turns out, a lot. At Coffee Gems, we bring to you some of the finest coffees from around the world that are expertly roasted by our artisan roasters to bring out the subtle nuances in the taste of every bean. And to ensure that our coffees are delicious, we roast them to suit different brewing methods (what is the best way to brew coffee) and devices.

So, if you want to enjoy the perfect cup of jo at home, you must choose the correct roast.

Espresso roasts

Espresso roasts usually go through a longer and slightly hotter roasting process, which breaks down the beans and their chemical compounds, and increases body and caramelization. They are also roasted to be more soluble so that it is easier to dissolve them into water. It also helps the espresso machine to extract coffee that is less acidic, and much sweeter and more balanced.

You can drink espresso on its own, or add hot water to it to create an americano or a long black. Its concentrated flavour also makes for a great base for lattes and cappuccinos.

Filter roasts

Filter roasts are created for devices such as Aeropress, cafetière, and drip machine. Roasted for a shorter duration and on a low temperature, they retain their distinct acidity. The process also preserves the characteristics of the beans and highlights their subtle flavors, because there is lesser interference of a strong roast flavour. But there is no particular roasting profile for creating the perfect filter coffee. Depending on how long they are roasted, they can be more fruity or sweet or have a unique chocolatey flavour.

Omni roasting

The third type of roast, omni, is, in simple terms, coffee that has been roasted to suit any brewing method. It is roasted for a longer duration than filter roasts but shorter than espresso, which gives it solubility and also preserves the flavour compounds. But that does not mean that an omni roasted espresso or filter coffee will taste the same; the brewing method will definitely affect its flavor.

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