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Does Decaf Coffee help you Lose Weight?

Can decaf coffee help you lose weight?

Does decaf coffee help you lose weight

Does decaf coffee help in weight loss? The short answer is yes. According to several medical studies, both caffeinated coffee and decaf coffee beans (have you seen our monthly decaf coffee box) play a major role in providing health benefits such as helping people in losing weight and preventing diseases such as diabetes.

The explanation for such effect is: Coffee contains many antioxidants that have pleasant effects and also contain natural chemicals that have minimum harmful results. There is a higher risk of Parkinson's disease and Colon and skin cancer in people of drink coffee. However, now this new study shows that some coffee chemicals can help in weight loss, regulate blood sugar and provide energy.

These compounds counteract the weight control effects of coffee with an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid, which reduces the production of glucose in the body after a meal by altering the activity of certain liver enzymes.

In addition, chlorogenic acids release sugar slowly and continuously from the body after a meal, thereby reducing the production of new cells. Therefore, it makes sense to research whether it is appropriate to consume a diet containing caffeine or decaffeinated after a meal. It puts pressure on the production and release of glucose, as well as producing more juice in the stomach which helps the body digest.


According to a study, the French scientist Phytotherapy reported a clinical review showing the reduction effects on the release of raw (uncooked) coffee beans. One group of people were given treatment drugs and the other half was given decaf coffee to compare their effects. The results were calculated after 2 months and it was observed that people who consumed decaf coffee lost 5.7% and the people treated with treatment drug lost 2.8% weight.

Decaf coffee leads to a significant loss in body weight. Furthermore, since decaffeination was extracted, weight loss was not related to the calorie-burning effects identified with caffeine. Diabetes type 2 is common in obese patients and they are more at risk. And not only caffeine but also regular coffee causes weight loss and in turn prevents diabetes.

According to the study of Harvest University's Journal of Internal Medicine, it was proved that people who drink coffee whether caffeinated or decaf have a lower chance of getting this disease. Similarly, decaf coffee also contributes to reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes according to research. And the list goes on. Several other studies by scientists around the world have suggested a similar conclusion.

Coffee Can Help Mobilize Fat From Fat Tissue

Caffeinated coffee acts on the nerves and stimulates the cells to break down instead of getting stored. It stimulates the production of more hormones in the bloodstream. Epinephrine, also known as adrenaline, travels to the adipose tissue in your bloodstream, signalling that it is breaking down fats and releasing them into your bloodstream. Ultimately, getting rid of fatty acids in your bloodstream will not help you reduce if you do not burn more calories than you eat in your diet. If you consume more or eat less you can achieve a negative energy balance.

Taking a fat-burning supplement like caffeine is another relevant strategy. Caffeine increases the body's metabolism. Adrenaline is increased in blood so fatty acids are burned more and more from fat tissue.

Does decaffeinated coffee useful in losing weight

Rest rate metabolism (RMR) is the rate at which your calories burn while you are at rest.  Higher metabolism means that the food is less absorbed and you don’t gain weight even when you consume more food. Studies suggest that large amounts of caffeine increase RMR by 3–11% with significant effects. Interestingly, the increase in fat burning is largely due to increased metabolism. But if the person is very overweight, the effect of coffee is very less.

Some studies have shown that caffeine intake could increase metabolism by 29% in non-obese people, but only by 10% in obese people. This effect decreases with age and is greater for young people.

Coffee and weight loss in the long run

Coffee and weight loss in the long run

Long-term use of coffee could lead to harmful effects. People may cause weight loss and burning sensation when they start drinking coffee at first and if this continues, it can cause permanent effects. Although coffee does not cause you to burn more calories in the long run, it does have the ability to suppress appetite and help you eat less.

According to a study, men may experience no appetite after often consumption of caffeine but there is no proof of this effect in females. In other studies, this effect is reversed and men have no effects from caffeine consumption. The effect of decaf coffee on your body and how it affects your weight is different for each individual. At this time, there is no evidence for such long-term effects.

Drinking coffee makes your body burn more fat, which increases your body's rate of relaxation. This means that a slight percentage increase in your temperature while sitting with a bottle of coffee or standing at your desk all day.

 With so many creams, syrups, and flavours full of sugar, artificial flavours and hidden calories depending on how you make your coffee, coffee alone negates the weight loss benefits. Also, unfortunately for those who drink coffee regularly, over time the body develops tolerance to the metabolic effects of coffee, which leads to fewer benefits (see decaf coffee benefits).

Bottom line

Drinking coffee may not be the only miracle of weight loss, but in addition to healthy habits such as a balanced diet, supplementary diet, and exercise, there are only a few small steps you can take to lose weight. A cup of coffee may have many health benefits and may keep a person healthy but it cannot ignore the fact that it is not beneficial for some people.

Coffee is full of antioxidants and can stimulate the nervous system to lose weight but you might need to test before using it excessively. Subscribe to our website to know read about different foods that will keep you healthy.