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Equipment Needed in Coffee Making

What you need to make Coffee

What you need to make Coffe

Coffee making is a process that requires more than just coffee beans. There is specific coffee equipment needed for the proper making of coffee. Here is a quick explanation on what you need;

Coffee machine

Espresso machines are needed to make espresso blends which is the desire of many coffee takers. The machine helps in transforming coffee bean single and dark roasted coffee into speciality coffee. While the espresso grinder grinds the dark roasted beans to a fine texture, the espresso machine gives you your perfect espresso coffee.

Coffee brewer

Every coffee shop with wholesale customers or producing instant coffee must have a coffee brewer. The Brew kit is needed for a cold brew and serving coffee into smoothie cups. 

Iced tea brewer and dispenser

With many coffee lovers doubling as a lover of tea drinks, you may need the iced tea brewer and dispenser. There are different tea ranges, including loose tea and high chocolate, that are the desires of some customers. To meet up, you may need to use this equipment.

Hot water dispenser

Water is an essential part of the coffee making in the bean to cup process. A hot water dispenser keeps your water hot for an extended period. As such, there is no need to light your cooker now and then.


Refrigerators can serve different functions, especially when you bulk buy coffee materials. You can store extra smoothies, milk, and other food packaging appropriately. 

Iced machine

Aside from having a refrigerator, you may also need to get an ice machine. Some single-origin coffees are best served cold. Some people would rather have their green coffee served cold also. Getting an iced machine that will produce at least 2000lbs per day is a great idea.


Dishwashers are an important tool in the coffee-making business. In making coffee, you will make use of a lot of single-wall cups, plastic cups, and ripple cups. It is necessary to clean these after the entire process. It also helps as cleaning products for other bowls and jugs used in the shop.

Frothing pitcher

The frothing pitcher is used in vending milk on espresso while making a speciality coffee. It takes special barista training to handle a frothing pitcher for vending coffee milk. The barista needs to learn how to be creative with the equipment to make artful designs on decaf coffee and arabica coffee drinks.

Measurement cups, spoons, and scales

Measurement is vital in coffee making. You must endeavour to have the right amount of freshly roasted coffee, hand-roasted coffee, or coffee blends. Scales are also good to measure the espresso coffee beans, arabica coffee beans, sugar sachets, chocolate sachets, and coffee beans bulk for accuracy in taste and perfection.

Syrup pump

The syrup pump helps apportion coffee syrups such as Monin syrups, chocolate syrup, flavouring syrup, and tea syrup into your coffee. It helps you keep track of the amount of syrup and is also essential in making a perfect taste.

Mugs, teacups, and espresso cups

There is a need for different sizes of cups and mugs in a coffee shop. It would be best if you had espresso cup sizes such as 4oz cups, 8oz cups, 12oz cups, and 67oz cups. There are needs for plastic cups, paper cups, smoothie cups, and coffee tins.