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In 5 easy steps, learn how to gift wrap a coffee mug

How to gift wrap a coffee mug in 5 steps

Do you know how to gift wrap a coffee mug? Well, it’s not as hard as you might think. There are several different ways that you can really impress the person you’re giving a mug to. In fact, there are different gift wrapping ideas for a wide variety of gifts. By using some creativity and looking at a few examples, you’ll be able to present that special someone with an excellent gift wrapping idea (or check out our coffee selection gift boxes and cup made from coffee).

How To Wrap A Mug

Step 1: cut your ribbon to the size you want

Estimate how much you'll need based on how large or little you want to go. If you like, choose two different colours as we did.

Step 2: lay out the wrapping paper

Tissue paper is placed on top of the cellophane. Then, in the centre, set your mug.

Step 3: Begin slowly wrapping

Bring the tissue paper's corners up and over the cup. Replace the cellophane and repeat the process.

Step 4: Get creative with tieing the ribbon

Tie a ribbon around the top of your cup once it's been wrapped.

Step 5: write out your mug gift tag to a loved  one

To explain why you chose that photo, say whatever you want, from a simple Happy Birthday to 'Can't wait to meet you.' Finish by tying the tag to your ribbon. It's simple to wrap a mug as a present!

After you've chosen a bright and colourful gift wrap, make sure the present inside matches the wrapping (also check out how to make a coffee box).