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Introducing La Mariposa, another great espresso blend

La Mariposa, espresso blend

In the festive season of 2019 we launched a special blend called Cosy Christmas to celebrate this magic season. It was also a tribute to small coffee growers from two impressive growing regions; Colombia’s Huila department, and the inimitable Tarrazu region of Costa Rica. Cosy Christmas was an incredibly successful coffee blend! so much so, that throughout the first half of 2020 this coffee was still insistently requested by coffee lovers. So we listened, decided to take the step forward and roast this coffee as a permanent blend along the year, with its beautiful name voted for by you, our customers. La Mariposa emerged from it's cocoon and is now available between January and October, then through November and December it takes its original name of Cosy Christmas.  


From deep in the Southern reaches of Colombia’s Huila department (already a traditional yearly guest in the top 5 ranking of Cup of Excellence competition), south of the country and where I lived in my childhood, these farms have an altitude between 1600 and 1800 MASL. The perfect combination of warm days and cold nights provide the ideal climate for the slow but constant development of this coffee, combined with exceptional processing techniques and different growing practices. We love the sweet with juicy tart fruit acidity and a delicate mouthfeel; lots of sugar cane juice with floral, chocolate and blackberry flavours of these coffees.


Tasked with balancing-out the Colombian top-notes and giving this year’s La Mariposa depth, are a selection of lots from Tarrazu's beneficios. The Tarrazu region is located in the interior mountains of Costa Rica and is known to produce distinguished coffee.  Coffee from this area is known to be relatively heavy-bodied with a complex aroma. When you try a Tarrazu coffee for the first time, your senses are likely to be greeted with the pleasing aroma of aged wood and dark chocolate. Once brewed, grapefruit and cacao are among the complex flavours that will hit your palate. 

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