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8 Popular Coffee Brewing Methods

Popular Coffee Brewing Methods

coffee brewing methods

If someone had asked you about your morning coffee brewing method, your answer would have been so predictable. Right? You would have either answered Espresso or Americano! But with today's new and progressive brewing methods, it has now become difficult to choose which of the brew methods is your favourite one. You can have a hard time choosing between Cold-drip coffee and Aeropress brew.

8 Most Popular Coffee Brewing Methods

This ultimate guide about various ways to make coffee for all coffee lovers will give you comprehensive information about different coffee brewing methods. So give this blog a thorough read to know how you can make a cup of coffee.

1. Espresso Machine

Anyone with the slightest knowledge about coffee is well aware of the Espresso machine, which is the most famous coffee maker which has the least brew time. After all, they have been helping us satisfy our cravings for a quality coffee cup since 1901. Nowadays, you will find various types of espresso machines.

They have different shapes and sizes and are loaded with the latest features.  But here it is important to mention that you need to identify its difference from flash coffee machines as both operate quite similarly. You get your espresso shot by following the same process of pushing the pressurized boiling water through a chamber filled with grounded coffee beans.

A common question asked about espresso machines is that are they costly?  The answer to this question is both yes and no. It depends on what type of espresso coffee machine you are going to buy. There are semi-automatic coffee machines, fully automatic coffee machines, manual lever coffee machines, smaller, portable espresso coffee makers and commercial machines for coffee houses.

2. Moka Pot / Stovetop Espresso Brewing

The next famous method to brew coffee is Moka pot. If you don't want to spend money on buying expensive espresso coffee machines but want to enjoy the same espresso-shot-like-kick,  the stovetop espresso maker also known as Moka pot is what you need. The secret of Moka pot is its 3 chambered brewing coffee processes. The pressure created by the steam of the boiling water in the bottom chamber pushes the water up to the top chamber containing ground coffee in Moka pot.

With little skill, you can brew coffee that you require to kickstart your day. One of the biggest advantages of Moka pot is that with Moka pot you can brew coffee in large quantities at the same time so you can easily caffeinate a group of friends or family gathered at your place. Have you ever tried to brew coffee through Moka pot? Let us know in the comments how was your experience of using Moka pot brew method.

types of coffee brewing methods

3. Aeropress

 Aeropress coffee brewing method has a huge following of people who travel a lot. Looking at it, you might assume it to be some science project but if we are to review, it is the best brewing method of all and many other people would also agree that it provides the best-brewed coffee.

Follow the simple process and you will get the right results. You can get a quality coffee cup in no time with the right water temperature, the right level of air pressure, and the right size grind leaves. It is a simple 3-piece tool that can serve you with an excellent cup of coffee with almost no effort. The best thing about  Aeropress is that you can make different types of coffee. You can make regular coffee, cold brew coffee, and even make almost espresso coffee according to what you want at the moment.

4. French Press

The french press is probably the oldest brewing method, used from the times of our forefathers. There are a vast majority of people who are fans of the french press and would choose it no matter what. There are several reasons for this but the major reason for it being so loved is that it is quite convenient to use.  

Moreover, it is not so costly but most importantly you can get a great cup of coffee from it. It provides a french press coffee cup that has a distinct taste and you might not be able to achieve the same taste from any other method to brew coffee. One thing to remember when you are using the french press is to use the right coffee grind as using the wrong coffee grinds can destroy the taste of your coffee.

5. The SoftBrew

Softbrew is a comparatively new brewing process to brew coffee, if we have to describe soft brew shortly we would say that it is similar to the French press but easier to use in comparison to the French press. If you don't want any hassle to get your morning cup of coffee then you must opt for Softbrew. Simply fill the Softbrew stainless steel filter with ground coffee, add your hot water, let it steep (4-8 minutes) after filling the stainless steel filter, and then serve. Just like a teapot, no special magic is required to get your coffee ready.

6 . Coffee Bags

Who doesn’t want to free themselves from the effort of getting up and making coffee when instant coffee is available. Just carry a portable jar of coffee bags and add them to hot water whenever you want to drink coffee. Coffee bags have made making coffee a lot easier, coffee in a small paper filter bag ready to brew coffee. It is a great way to curb your craving for coffee without putting a lot of effort into making it. Easily brew yourself an excellent cup of coffee with it and get started with your day.

7. Vacuum Pot  (Siphon Coffee)

This coffee brewing method is also known as siphon pot and is the most unique way of brewing coffee. You can take it as a combination of different coffee brewing methods. It is not as simple as other coffee brewing methods mentioned in this article but it surely provides you with a coffee you would want to start your day. ​

8. Electric Percolator

It is one of the most well-known types of coffee brewing methods. Specifically, if you have ever been to a diner in the northern hemisphere you might have been served with percolated coffee. People love drinking it and it is considered quite in demand in coffee shops. People love it for the aroma and how the coffee is made with this Electric percolator.

That's all from us about some of the best coffee brewing methods. We hope, you find this article a significant addition to your knowledge about coffee brewing methods. Comment below about what coffee brewing method you use, which one is your favourite brewing method, Moka pot of french press and  what you love about it.