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The Best Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives For Coffee in 2021

The Best Non-Dairy Milk For Coffee in 2021

Non-dairy milk has been around for a long time. But the options are ever expanding, and it can be difficult to know what best suits your needs with so many different types of non-dairy milk on the market (you wouldn't want any old milk with your tasty origin coffee). Today, we'll be comparing the original non-dairy milk option - soy milk - with other plant based milks including almond, coconut, and rice milk to see which you should consider using in your coffee as well as how they differ from each other.

Milk made from almonds

Almond milk is one of the most popular nut-based coffee milk substitutes. It is commonly available in most stores and comes in two flavours: sweetened and unsweetened.

Is it possible to froth almond milk?

When heated, almond milk tends to separate. It has the ability to froth, but it may also leave a wet layer behind.

What is the flavour of almond milk in coffee?

This could be for you if you enjoy a nutty flavour. However, almond milk may dominate the flavour of your coffee, and we don't want anything to compete with the star of the show: your coffee beans! 

Is it true that almond milk curdles in coffee?

Unfortunately, yes. It is not a good idea to pour cold almond milk into a hot cup of coffee. Even if your goal isn't to generate lovely patterns on top of your coffee, we recommend warming it first.

Oat Milk is a dairy product made from oat

Oat ‘milk' is made with oats, water, and sometimes canola oil. When oats are pulverised to make a liquid, the flavour is rich and full-bodied, similar to full-fat milk in our opinion. Oat milk is also high in fibre, so drinking it in or out of a cup of coffee has some added health benefits.

Is it possible to froth oat milk?

Cow's milk has a high protein level, making it ideal for foaming. Oat milk can be frothed, but it produces larger bubbles; nonetheless, if latte art is your thing, it may be used to create some very creative shapes.

So, how does oat milk in coffee taste?

Oat milk is ideal for coffee because of its creamy texture. We enjoy it since, unlike other milk alternatives for coffee or tea, it doesn't overshadow the flavour.

Is it true that oat milk curdles in coffee?

We discovered that oat milk did not curdle in our coffee, whether it was added hot or cold.

Milk made from soy

Until about a decade ago, soy milk was pretty much the only option for cow's milk on store shelves or in coffee shops. Soy milk is created by soaking and crushing soybeans, and it has a mild flavour, which may explain why it has been used as a milk substitute for so long.

What is the flavour of soy milk in coffee?

It has a creamy texture and a flavour that is neutral. As a result, it allows the coffee's flavour to show through, allowing you to enjoy any sort of coffee without the milk alternative changing the flavour. However, if you prefer the flavour of actual milk in your coffee, soy falls short in comparison.

Is it possible to froth soy milk?

Because soy milk has a viscosity that is quite similar to cow's milk, it is relatively simple to froth. For a long time, soy lattes have been popular, owing to their foamy properties.

Is it true that soy milk curdles in coffee?

Liquids curdle as a result of acidity. Cold milk will curdle in your coffee since coffee is more acidic than soy milk. Warming it will usually prevent it from curdling, but if your soy milk is too hot, it can curdle even more, and you don't want weird tofu-like lumps floating around in your coffee, do you?

Milk made from coconut

If you're a lover of the often-overlooked Bounty bar, coconut milk has a rich and unique flavour. When it comes to activities like creating a latte, the texture is similar to skimmed milk, which might be beneficial. Water, coconut water, and rice milk are commonly combined to make coconut milk (not to be confused with the coconut milk used in a curry).

What is the flavour of coconut milk in coffee?

If you enjoy coconut, this could be the dish for you! It's usually quite sweet, so if you enjoy that sort of thing, you might be in for a treat. However, like almond, the taste of coconut is distinct, and if you're drinking a coffee with strong flavours like hazelnut, vanilla, or cherry, the coconut flavour may overshadow your coffee.

Is it true that coconut milk curdles in coffee?

The coconut milk will curdle if added cold after you've poured your coffee. Warm your milk beforehand, like with other plant-based alternatives, to avoid curdling (or, if it's becoming evident, simply stick to oat milk).

Is it possible to froth coconut milk?

After a fashion, it is feasible to froth coconut milk. However, the bubbles it produces are larger than those produced by cow's milk, and it might be hit or miss in our experience.

Milk made from cashews

In its most basic form, cashew milk is simply crushed cashews mixed with water. It's high in good fats, vitamins, and minerals. Unlike its nut-based sister, almond milk, cashew milk is a little harder to come by at supermarkets and coffee shops.

What is the flavour of cashew milk in coffee?

Cashew milk is the least nutty of the nut-based milk substitutes. It also has a creamy texture, making it ideal for use in coffee. It's a little sugary, so it might not be the greatest milk substitute for coffee drinkers who don't like sugar.

Is it possible to froth cashew milk?

The bubbles created when steamed are larger than other milk substitutes for coffee, although cashew milk can be frothed.

Is it true that cashew milk curdles in coffee?

The best approach to keep cashew milk from curdling in your coffee, like other milk replacements, is to do one of two things. Heat the cashew milk until it is warm before adding it to the coffee, or let it cool. Your milk alternative should be at the right temperature after a few seconds in the microwave or using the steaming feature on your espresso machine.

Rice Milk is a drink made from rice

Rice milk is frequently accessible in shops and may be particularly useful for those who are sensitive to nuts yet want a dairy replacement for coffee. Rice milk is frequently sweetened with sugar or rice syrup, so keep that in mind.

Is it possible to froth rice milk?

No, it's not true. Rice lacks sufficient protein to produce bubbles.

Is it true that rice milk curdles in coffee?

Rice milk curdles little when added cold to coffee, but not nearly as much as many of the other milk replacements. To avoid curdling, we recommend heating the mixture only slightly.

What is the flavour of rice milk in coffee?

Rice milk has a thin consistency and is mildly sweet. It also has a rather neutral flavour. Rice milk does not have a creamy texture in any way, so if you're searching for a non-dairy alternative to milk, it's probably not for you.

Milk made from peas

Pea milk could be the answer for people looking for a dairy-free alternative to cow's milk in their coffee. Pea milk isn't green, despite popular belief. It's manufactured from yellow split peas and has the appearance and, more crucially, the behaviour of cow's milk. What is the reason for this? Split peas are a dairy option for a coffee hero because of their high protein content.

What is the flavour of pea milk in coffee?

Pea milk has a similar flavour to milk. There is no overbearing taste, unlike the nut-based alternatives. It also has no taste of peas, whether green, split, mushy, or otherwise.

Is it possible to froth pea milk?

Yes, indeed. Pea milk, like other high-protein alternatives, may make excellent foam.

Is it true that pea milk curdles in coffee?

Pea milk is less likely to curdle in your coffee, but we recommend warming it first to eliminate any risk of seeing those pesky lumps.

Tips for using non-dairy milk alternatives in coffee

Look for high protein milks like pea, hemp, or soy if you want to foam.

Regardless of the milk substitute you use, we recommend warming it slightly to avoid curdling - (with the exception of oat milk).

If you prefer coffees with strong overtones, avoid strong flavours like almond - there's a reason soy has been so popular in coffee shops for so long.

Milk made with hemp

Hemp milk is manufactured from hemp plants, as the name implies. Although hemp is most commonly associated with cannabis, the milk substitute will only include minimal amounts of THC and will not cause a psychoactive effect or a "high" (insert appropriate emotion here). Hemp milk has a high protein content, thus it has some additional health benefits.

In coffee, how does hemp milk taste?

Hemp milk has a somewhat nutty flavour that isn't overbearing. Because of the thin texture, there is no creaminess, but because of the neutral flavour, it works well in most coffees.

Is it possible to froth hemp milk?

Yes, hemp milk can generate a great froth for coffee due to its high protein content. In terms of behaviour, it's most similar to soy, but because it's a newcomer to the market, it's not as frequently used yet.

In coffee, does hemp milk curdle?

Yes, if you add hemp milk cold to your coffee, it will curdle. The worst of the curdling effects can be avoided by mildly warming first.

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