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What is the Best Tasting Light Roast Coffee?

What is the best tasting light roast coffee?

What is the best tasting light roast coffee

How do you like your coffee? Do you like the light roast coffee or the dark roast, fully roasted? In recent years, the focus has changed, and most people prefer lightly roasted flavours. Here in this article, you will get to know about the best light roast coffee.

Top 5 Best Light Roast Coffee Beans Brands 2021

1. Cafe Don Pablo Earth Organic Gourmet Coffee - Light Roast coffee

These divine 100% Arabica beans come from the Marcala in ​​Honduras. They grow on heights as high as

3,805–4,290 feet and are a catuai varietal. Their coffee includes no chemicals and is also approved by USDA. So if you want to enjoy a USDA organic coffee you need to try it. Flavour notes describe a rich, chocolate flavour and are famous because it is lightly roasted.

The body is rich and delicate and low in acid. The finish is fresh and clean, and the flavour profile shows chocolate, honey, cocoa, and caramel. Cafe Don Pablo is one of the best light roast coffee brands.

2. Kicking Horse coffee, hola, light roast, ground

It is a combination of Arabica beans grown in the shade and have their origin in Central and South America. They are certified as a fair business, provide equal treatment to farmers, and are 100% natural.

The flavour profile shows high acidity and has a creamy honey body. The aroma includes hints of cold sugarcane finished with brown sugar and hazelnut. Lightly roasted coffee lovers are always found in Kicking Horse Coffee's store!

3. Caribou Coffee Daybreak Morning Blend 

Caribou Coffee derives its beans from certified farms in the Rainforest Alliance, which ensures farmers' fair trade and proper management and environmental protection. 100% Arabica beans from the United States and East Africa combine to provide one of the best light roast coffees.

Taste notes of Daybreak Morning Blend illustrate delicious, subtle flavours with floral cherry tones with caramel and walnut finishes. The amazing flavour you get of the coffee is by the light roast.

4. Coffee Bean Direct Hawaii Kona Blend Coffee

This Hawaiian Kona coffee from Coffee Bean Direct is to provide you with pure Kona flavour but the price of this coffee is quite reasonable. Contains a blend of 10% pure Kona beans and other high-quality Arabica coffee beans from Central America.

Taste notes illustrate references to cilantro, butter, and macadamia nuts, which have a rounded body and a bright, light acidity. Roasted in small batches, this coffee is fresh and ready to use in most brewing machines.

5. Starbucks Veranda Blend Light Blonde Roast

Starbucks does not only make refreshing drinks but is also less than anyone when it comes to coffee! Sipping its coffee in the morning on the way to work, makes your day. This light coffee allows large amounts of coffee to be shown and fully absorbed.

Lightweight blonde Starbucks, which is lighter and gives a tastier but clearer taste. Coffee has been described as softer and more flavorful than black fried coffee. A great choice for Starbucks fans who love light coffee.

Note for caffeine

Best Light Roast Coffee Beans Brands

A common myth that seems to exist forever is that black roasts are equivalent to high caffeine content. People think that dark roasted beans "activate" the extra caffeine.

Before roasting, there is the maximum amount of caffeine and it does not taste very well if eaten raw. Roasting does not increase the amount of caffeine but it might be a surprise that during roasting caffeine is reduced.

If some people say that if one wants more caffeine in your coffee, you should choose slightly roasted beans because there is more caffeine.

The fact is that some amount of caffeine in coffee is destroyed by roasting, but caffeine is less affected by the temperature achieved when roasted. There is little difference in the amount of caffeine between fried black beans and light beans.

Why Roast Coffee?

 If you are interested in the light roast‌, take some time to see how the different roasting levels affect the roasting process and the taste of the coffee.

Why roast the coffee beans at all?

If you take some raw coffee beans, grind them and try to drink a cup of coffee with them, the result will

not be more than a cup of poor coffee. It doesn’t taste much, and it certainly isn’t like the way we think about coffee. This is because the taste and aroma of coffee beans are produced during the roasting process by a substance called the Maillard reaction.

Light roast to get the full flavour

As you can see from several reviews, these light coffees are full of subtle and refined flavours that are lost through the dark grind. If you want to appreciate and taste the aromas, nutty and chocolate flavour of these delicious coffees, they need a light roast.

If you are in the habit of drinking black roasted coffee, you should probably try these light roasts. If you are new to drinking coffee and don’t want something too strong, the above-mentioned coffees may make you love coffee even more.

Do you like light coffee or dark black coffee? Everyone has distinct tastes according to their choice. You can choose the coffee company which best satisfies your taste.

Do you buy beans before roasting, or do you roast them? If you are not a fan of any coffee company and roast beans yourself, don’t hesitate to share your secret. Light roast and dark roast both are delicious and give distinct tastes with different brewing methods.

Be it ground coffee or single-origin coffee, it is the solution to all your laziness and lethargy. Try freshly roasted coffee blend from your favourite brand and forget all worries!

If you have anything to say to us or our readers, please comment - we'd love to hear your thoughts. Recommend these light roast coffees to coffee lovers around you! Enjoy a cup of a delicious cup of coffee and let us know which one is your favourite.