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Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Brewing Guide

Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Brewing 

 Chemex Pour-Over Coffee

The Chemex coffee-making method is one that will surely impress your date. It’s when you can let the gentleman in you come out. 

You’ll be making use of the Chemex equipment when brewing, and this is actually a well-built and sophisticated-looking flask for pouring over. Its inventor is Dr. Peter Schlumbom and was created way back in 1941.

Here’s how to brew the best coffee using Chemex.

You will need to prepare:

  • Chemex coffee-maker
  • Chemex paper filter
  • 500g of newly boiled (hot) water
  • 30g coarsely ground coffee
  • Weighing scale
  • A timer
The first thing that you need to do is to get your Chemex coffee-maker ready. You do this by placing the paper filter on the device with the double fold fronting the spout.
  • Rinse the paperlike taste and position the filter in place by pouring some hot water in it, and then remove the water.
  • Put the Chemex on the weighing scale and measure the right amount of coffee. Tap the contraption on the table so that the coffee levels out.
  • Then you start brewing. Set the scales to zero and turn the timer on. In a slow and steady procedure, pour 75g of newly boiled water in the coffee in a circular manner. The grounds should swell.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and slowly, steadily continue to pour the remaining hot water until it weighs 500g. Gently mix and let the brew drip down.
  • Within 3 to 4 minutes, expect the brew to be drained into the glass base half.

As a tip, you can detach the leather tie and the wooden collar of your Chemex to make it safe for the dishwasher.

With this pour over coffee-making process, you’ll be using paper filters that are heavier and thicker by 20% to 30% than the standard ones.

The flavor of pour over brewing using Chemex is concentrated with a balanced taste, a floral aroma, and sweet notes.

Chemex, as a pour over coffee-maker, is straightforward and easy to operate. It can be a welcome addition to your kitchen because of its elegant and classic design. This equipment is manufactured with the highest of quality, and it is made of impermeable Borosilicate glass that doesn’t leave behind chemical sediments or even odors.

Simply cover your coffee and place it in the refrigerator, and you don’t have to worry about it losing its flavor. The authentic design of the device allows you to do this.

Brewed coffee produced through the Chemex method is pure, clean and sharp.

Advantages of Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Brewing

Every cup of coffee is magnificent as an outcome of this technique, and your guests are sure to be impressed. You can concoct various kinds of coffee via pour over Chemex. At a single time, you can accomplish brewing several cups, and the tinge of sweet notes in the mix is totally splendid.

The filter in the Chemex is bonded, thus the oils and the residues are held down, keeping your brew from tasting bitter.

Disadvantages of Chemex Pour-Over Coffee Brewing

This is fundamentally an expensive and time-consuming method because you’ll be using some accessories. This equipment is likewise hard to maintain, including keeping a brush with a long handle so as to keep it properly cleaned.

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