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Clever Dripper Coffee Brewing Guide

Complete Guide; Clever Dripper Coffee Brewing

Clever Dripper Coffee Brewing

The Clever Dripper, as a coffee brewing device, lives up to its name and for many reasons at that. For one thing, it is versatile, able to combine the processes of dripping and immersion in the total scenario of coffee extraction.

This coffee making equipment looks and is shaped like a V60. Nonetheless, it has an added valve component that traps the water in the immersion process. You as the user will decide when it will be released.

The way the brew is released by the Clever Dripper is unique. When you place this equipment on top of your cup, the valve gets activated, after which the brew will start dripping in it. It is hence called “clever” because it allows its user ease of use and convenience in making their brew.

This coffee-making device combines the characteristics of a Cafetiere or French Press along with a pour over brewer. Shaped like a pour-over contraption, it nonetheless uses an immersion process owing to the special valve that is located at its bottom.

The blend you yield from this device is full-bodied, just like that created via a French Press. But no sediments will be left in your cup because of its paper filter. 

How do you use the Clever Dripper to make your coffee? You can follow this procedure.

You need to prepare the following:

  • A Clever Dripper coffee maker
  • A flat bottom paper filter
  • 26g filter ground coffee
  • 280g newly boiled (hot) water
You first need to prep the Clever Dripper by opening its valve. Insert the paper filter in it and rinse it. Fasten the valve.
  • Place the coffee in the paper filter and put it on the scale and then turn the timer on. Stream all of the water in the grounds and stir once so that they will be diluted.
  • Cover the dripper and steep the mixture for 4 minutes.
  • Pour the brew in a mug or your preferred container and allow to drain. It takes about 45 seconds to do this task.
  • Enjoy your cup of richly-flavored and light bodied coffee brew!

Advantages of Clever Dripper Coffee Brewing

Ease of use is one of the many reasons why coffee lovers like this device. The java it creates is similar to the French press, but not as messy, and it does not only perform immersion.

Disadvantages of Clever Dripper Coffee Brewing

This method of brewing may not be the best in terms of oil extraction from the coffee beans, and its plastic material is likely to crack and wear down upon constant use.

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