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V60 Dripper Coffee Brewing Guide

Complete Guide: V60 Dripper Coffee Brewing

V60 Dripper Coffee Brewing Guide

There are several ways of brewing your coffee, and one of them is by using the V60 Dripper.

Aside from being the oldest method, this is also the cheapest. This technique makes use of a coffee cone and a paper filter for making your java. You’ll find it to be really simple and quite elementary to do.

How To Make V60 Coffee

First, you need to prepare the following:

If you’re using a small cup:

  • 01 V60 dripper
  • 12g of medium ground coffee
  • 200g of hot water

If you’re using a large cup:

  • 02 V60 dripper
  • 19g of medium ground coffee
  • 300g hot water

There are 3 sizes of the V60 dripper available in stores online where 01 is for the small cup, and 02 is for a large cup.

  • Position the V60 dripper in your cup and place the filter inside it. Pour some hot water over the cone with the filter to warm your cup up and remove the paperlike taste.
  • Put the cup with the V60 device on your scales and set it to zero.
  • Check the weight of the ground coffee and create a small hole in the middle of those grounds.
  • Set the scales to zero and turn the timer on. Pour 50g of newly boiled water in the grounds and stir so that the coffee becomes saturated.
  • Wait for 30 seconds then slowly pour hot water again so that it weighs 200g (if you’re using a small cup) or 300g (if you’re using a large cup). Make it slow when you pour, and in a circular motion so that you hit the coffee instead of the paper filter.
  • Stir the coffee gently, or otherwise swirl it and let it drip into your cup.

As a tip, remember that the coarser the grounds are, the faster the brew will flow, but it will taste weaker. If your grind is fine, the brew will flow slowly, but give you a stronger caffeine hit.

The coffee cone used in the drip or pour over method may be made of ceramic, glass, or stainless steel. The kind of shape or type of cone filter tends to influence the richness and tastiness of your coffee.

Water is poured over the grounds by hand, that’s why the V60 drip coffee or pour-over method is otherwise called manual brewing, or hand brewing.

Advantages of V60 Dripper Coffee Brewing

This traditional method of brewing coffee is utterly pleasurable. It is beyond words, so to speak. You’ll relish its authenticity. Remember that your coffee beans have to be ground medium-fine to get satisfactory results.

The drip or pour over technique is also quick and effortless, you can have your cup ready in 3 minutes. Your equipment can easily be cleaned, and it is absolutely portable. While travelling, you can pack your cup, cone, coffee beans and filter with you.

Other brewing methods cannot compare to the V60 pour over coffee brewing when it comes to bringing out the aroma and flavor of your grounds. Single origin coffees are particularly a popular choice for this technique.

Disadvantages of V60 Dripper Coffee Brewing

You have to be meticulous about the size of your coffee grounds, and if you want your wake-up morning Joe to be perfect, you have to muster a lot of patience. You primarily need to be very honest with yourself if you think you can handle making your coffee this way every morning before you go to work. With added accessories, you could find this hobby to be rather expensive as well.

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