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Cold Brew Coffee-Making Guide

Cold Brew Coffee-Making; How To Make Cold Brew Coffee Complete Guide

Cold Brew Coffee-Making

Wondering how to brew your coffee? By cold brew coffee, you go beyond simply putting ice in hot brewed coffee. What this method exactly means is the coffee beans are steeped in cold water or in room temperature for a particular period of time. 

Heat is lacking in this coffee making technique, and this results to coffee solubles being unable to be dissolved. Voila! You then yield a cup of java that is sweeter, smoother, and with lower acidity and bitterness. 

The secret to a successful cold brew is a higher water to coffee to ratio, and a longer process of brewing. With an extended time, the water will be able to extract solubles from the grounds.

Concocting a unique cold brew coffee, you can come up with a custom blend that consists of lighter to medium roasts. Its sweetness is absolutely fantastic, with chocolate notes that you’ll truly love. Not to mention an astounding caffeine kick!

Here’s how to make a splendid cup of cold brew coffee.

You need to prepare the following:

  • A large container, such as a pitcher
  • 100g of very coarsely ground coffee
  • 500g filtered water
  • A V60 paper filter or a Cafetiere filter
Your container should be large enough to hold 1 liter. Put the 100g of ground coffee in it. Then pour in ½ liter of cold filtered water.
  • Stir the mixture, ensuring that all of the coffee is dissolved.
  • Store the blend in the refrigerator overnight, for a duration of about 14 hours.
  • Prepare the cold brew concentrate. Do this by pouring the cold brew in a filtered Cafetiere, a Chemex or V60.
  • After doing this your cold brew concentrate is now ready. One part of the concentrate can be mixed with one proportion of ice cold filtered water to dilute it.
  • A large quantity of cold brew coffee can be concocted with this preparation. Just remember that it should be a mixture of 1:5 coffee to water ratio.
  • You can also dilute the concentrate by blending it with tonic water.

Now your cold brew coffee is ready! However, you have to be very careful because it’s not like your regular java in that it has 2 to 3 times more of caffeine!

As additional tips, make your coffee grounds as coarse as possible, similar to bread crumbs. If the grounds are too fine, over-extraction will result, producing a distasteful blend that is also cloudy and grainy.

Considered as an “extract”, you can water down your cold brew coffee to adjust its taste and caffeine content as to that of a regular cup of brewed coffee.

Advantages of Cold Brew Coffee-Making

The brew that you obtain through this method is tastier and smoother. If you use naturally-processed coffee, the extract can even have a sweeter taste, as if sugar has been added to it. Its caffeine content is higher too, giving you more kick.

Disadvantages of Cold Brew Coffee-Making

The drawback of cold-brewing is that it takes a longer time to prepare, and your grind has to be of the right consistency, or else you’ll get cloudy, bitter and bad-tasting coffee.

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