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EL PEDREGAL, Tolima - Colombia
EL PEDREGAL, Tolima - Colombia

EL PEDREGAL, Tolima - Colombia

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Zamaira Giraldo's Finca El Pedregal, located 1700 metres above sea level in the hills of Planadas, Tolima, Colombia, is renowned for its commitment to sustainable coffee farming. The family utilizes organic practices, employing a mix of onsite compostables and materials to enrich the soil and enhance the coffee's quality.

The farm's Caturra coffee is meticulously processed using a washed method. After initial sorting, the cherries undergo 12 hours of aerobic and 60 hours of anaerobic fermentation, followed by careful drying over 20-25 days at the nearby Finca La Cinta. This rigorous process, overseen by certified CQI Q Grader Yeferson Olaya, ensures a coffee of exceptional quality and distinct flavour.

Score: 86



    Zamaira Giraldo

  • Country







    1,700 masl


    September 2023 – November 2023


    Caramel, Roasted Hazelnut, Citrus

Finca El Pedregal, set 1700 meters above sea level in the verdant hills of Planadas, Tolima, Colombia, is a prime example of sustainable coffee farming. The farm is centrally managed by Zamaira Giraldo and is closely aligned with other family-run operations in the area. Just a short distance away, her husband Yeferson Olaya oversees Finca El Tesoro, and her father-in-law Nolberto Olaya runs Finca La Cinta. Both operations share a deep commitment to eco-friendly farming methods, a commitment that Zamaira passionately upholds at El Pedregal.


At Finca El Pedregal, the focus on sustainability is marked by the use of organic farming techniques. The farm utilizes onsite natural materials to produce composts that serve as fertilizers, enhancing both the quality of the soil and the health of the coffee plants. This intensive organic approach is central to their strategy for achieving high-quality crops and good yields consistently.


Coffee cherries harvested at El Pedregal are processed with meticulous care at the nearby Finca La Cinta, which is equipped with specialized processing and drying facilities, as well as a quality control lab featuring a sample roaster and cupping gear. Under the quality supervision of Yeferson, a certified CQI Q Grader, the cherries undergo detailed processing phases, including sorting, aerobic and anaerobic fermentation, and a final drying phase in a controlled environment.



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