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Ten Crazy Coffee Flavours You Need to Taste

Crazy Coffee Flavours You Need to Drink

Coffee has been a staple drink in the world for hundreds of years, going back to the 9th century where it was drunk by goat-herders to stay awake during the night.

Over the many centuries, there has been a multitude of different drink flavours. Coffee has been used in cooking and medicinal purposes. One has either drank it or eaten it. It is commonly used as a stimulant to stay awake.

If you are a true coffee lover, you might fall into two different categories. You will either stick to your favourite; never trying any other coffee type and staying entirely faithful to your vanilla latte, or perhaps your double shot extra- bitter espresso (Get your wholesale coffee bean form us).

Alternatively, you’ll adore all things coffee and have an open mind to trying new flavours no matter how wild or wacky the flavours are, but we bet you haven’t tried some of the following crazy coffee flavours. 

Ten Crazy Coffee Flavours you should try

Crazy Coffee Flavours

Here are 10 awesome Coffee Flavours we think you should try out;

1. Weasel Puke Coffee

This one is not for the faint-hearted. The coffee beans are digested by weasels that seem to leave a residue in their mouths. The remaining residue is removed from their mouth, cleaned, roasted, bagged and ready to enjoy.

As weird as it sounds, this blend is said to be non-pleasurable, so if you are having an awkward coffee date with someone you are not keen on, this is a tactic to ensure they will never want to have coffee with you again. 

2.  Jack Daniels Coffee

Do you love your alcohol hint? Get it mixed instantly with Jack Daniels coffee; this whisky-flavoured coffee is perfect if JD is a favourite. The Jack Daniels coffee contains no alcohol, so you can be confident driving your car knowing very well that you aren’t over the limit.

It is made from 100% Arabica coffee beans, which gives it that earthy whisky aroma, and we do believe this offers a superior cup of coffee.

3. Chipotle Ground Coffee

This type of coffee is infused with dry chilly that will blow your mind. The chipotle ground coffee is 9 ounces of deliciously flavoursome coffee, 100% guaranteed to give you a boost kick and push you through a busy day. It is rich in taste and a conversation starter. 

4. Whiskey Barrel Coffee

If you would like some actual alcohol taste in your coffee, this one is the right choice for your taste buds. It is rich, complete, and packed with authentic bourbon coming in a nice bottle with a wax seal.

The coffee is aged and roasted in European Air Roasters in Colorado, and it is a great coffee to serve after eating dinner when you want to relax with coffee and liquor. 

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5. Vanilla Flavored Monkey Spit Coffee

Just like the Weasel Puke coffee, these beans are sucked on by monkeys, and as soon as they finish, they spit them out. The beans are collected because they tend to have a spectacular vanilla flavour.

You may wonder how this coffee type was discovered back in the day. A farmer in Taiwan got tired of his beans being eaten by monkeys, so he decided to try one instead of wasting it.

He liked it and thought of adding to his catalogue by producing vanilla-flavoured monkey spit coffee. The unfortunate bit is that the coffee isn’t that readily available, but it does exist. 

6. Kahlua Coffee

This is a Mexican coffee made out of 100% Arabica coffee beans and sugar care, just like the Kahlua alcoholic drink. Consequently, it is prudent to combine the two, and really, it is one of those coffees that everyone should savour. It is also great on iced coffee drinks during hot summer days.

7. Chocolate and Banana Coffee

Any Chocoholics will love this extra sweet choc and banana flavour coffee, by café elegance with all the power of coffee and the added niceness of a bit of banana rolled into one. This is such a great morning choice, as weird as it may sound. 

8. Coffee Wine

As the name suggests, this is a coffee and wine combo which may favour one who loves a glass of wine in the evening and equally likes an excellent hot coffee. It kills two birds with one stone.

The coffee wine originated from friends having fun with wine, which gave birth to some fascinating flavours to try. Some examples include Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino or Cabernet Coffee Espresso. It doesn’t require you to brew; this drink conveniently comes straight out of a can.

9. Coffee with Science

This method uses nitrogen as an additive to your favourite coffee. This weird and yet wonderful concoction was discovered by Nate Armbrust, a food scientist from Portland in Oregon, USA.

He wanted to keep coffee rich and creamy but bubbly without altering the original flavour. He decided to put some nitrogen gas into his cup, and after a few trials and errors, he came up with the perfect coffee measurements.

The drink was introduced into a coffee shop in Portland, and it became an overnight success. It is cautious to only make this if you are a highly trained scientist.

10. Coffee and Cheese

In Hispanic areas, this coffee is called ‘GuarApo con Queso’ and is prepared by putting a small piece of white cheese in a coffee cup; then, you add your favourite coffee roast.

Other than Hispanic regions, this coffee is also famous in Finland, where you combine your cheese board with your after-dinner coffee all at once. 

If you are the kind of person who frequently orders from the specials section at cafes and keeps up with all the hot coffee trends, try these crazy coffee flavours. As you try them, come and get your coffee from us (see Coffee Bean Selection Guide).

At Coffee Gems, every bean that enters our facility goes through a specific roasting process and is tasted. We only buy the most recently harvested coffee crops and offer sustainable, fair trade, and organic coffee options.

We are confident in our ability to give you the most exquisite coffee taste, depending on the roast and flavour profile you desire. Try us today!