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Now Coffee Gems Tasting Selection Boxes.

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Tasting Selection Coffee Gift Boxes

Whether you’re looking for the perfect post-box gift or you’re just not sure which freshly roasted Coffee Gems is right for you, as a roaster we can give you a helping hand, we’ve chosen some of our favourite coffees and created three Tasting Selection boxes.  Each box contains 3 x 100g bags of delicious freshly roasted coffee - espresso blends or origins focussed on taste notes - available in whole bean or ground, beautifully packaged and perfect for any coffee lover.

Selection Espresso Blends

(see our range of espresso coffee beans selection): 

Coffee Gift Box - Espresso Selection

Open the luxury packed-sealed gift box and you’ll find a espresso coffee-lover’s dream. A perfect gift for yourself and/or a loved one. 

The Pilgrim, Brazil - Nicaragua. 100g

Humble Juan, Brazil - Colombia. 100g

La Mariposa, Costa Rica - Colombia. 100g

Selection Single Origins - Chocolate Nutty Notes

(see our single origin beans collection)

Tasting Selection Coffee Gift Box

Not just another morning in: make it something special with these exceptional coffees. Enjoy a unique symphony that brings notes of chocolate and nuts with a great balance in their body.

Selection Single Origins - Fruity Sweet Notes

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Tasting Selection Coffee Gift Boxes

A unique single origin coffee selection of our best roasts, all of them scoring 85 or higher.  A delicate and marvellous journey that brings notes of raspberry, lime and caramel with a great balance in their body, aroma and a prolonged and exciting aftertaste.


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