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What is the best way to brew V60 coffee?

What is the best way to make V60 coffee?

What is the best way to make V60 coffee?

V60 are one of the most popular and sophisticated brewing methods for coffee. The reason is the unique brewing method that allows you to control all aspects of the brewing process. Whether you want a delicate, well-balanced coffee or a bold, rich coffee, there are multiple options for your preferred taste (make sure to check out the best coffee brewing method).

For a great brew, follow this step-by-step tutorial.

The V60 is available in three sizes:

  • 01 (small cup)
  • 02 (medium cup)
  • 03 (large cup) 

V60 Dripper Preparation

Place the V60 on your cup, enter the filter and pourover some hot water to wash away the papery flavour and assist warm your cup - drain the water from your cup.

Place the cup and V60 on the scales and set the weights to zero.
Weigh the coffee grounds and form a small well in the centre.


Start the timer after zeroing your scales. Pour 50g of freshly boiling water over the coffee and whisk to fully saturate it.

Pour carefully again after 30 seconds, till the scales read 200g/300g. The pour should be slow and circular, striking the coffee rather than the filter paper.

Allow the coffee to flow down after a moderate stir or swirl.

TIPA coarser grind will provide a faster flow with a weaker coffee flavour, while a finer grind will provide a slower flow with a stronger coffee flavour.

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Questions that are frequently asked

What is the best way to make V60 coffee?

What kind of coffee should I use in a V60?

Between Cafetiere and Aeropress, grind as you would for Filter Coffee.

Why do we like to brew coffee using the pour-over method?

It allows you to adjust brew times to taste and for different coffees, which is not feasible with a standard filter/pour-over system. It's quick and simple to clean, and you're no longer stuck with a pot of coffee simmering on a hot plate. It's an excellent 1 cup brew technique, just like the Aeropress.
Ratio of V60 coffee to water

We recommend a ratio of sixteen parts water to one part coffee. For example, 28 grammes of coffee to 454 millilitres of water.

What is the finest V60 kettle to use?

A pour over kettle, often known as a gooseneck kettle. What is the reason for this? 

These kettles were created with pour-over drip coffee machines in mind.

What is the best V60 material?

Glass, ceramic, or plastic will be the options. Heat retention will be better with glass and ceramic, but this will be reflected in the price. The difference is insignificant, in our viewpoint, because the V60 is a reasonably quick brew.

When it comes to V60, what is the ideal water temperature?

Between 92 and 96 degrees, or just off the boil.

What is the difference between Chemex and V60?

There are two key distinctions. The key difference is the filter; the V60's is significantly finer than the Chemex's. This reduces the amount of time it takes to extract the coffee's essence and, as a result, the brew time. Second, the ridges on the V60 allow the coffee to travel through evenly, allowing you to adjust the brew time. The Chemex has a tendency to flush out all of its contents at once.

Is it possible to get reusable V60 filter papers?

Yes, but cleaning them can be a bother, and at roughly £30 each, they're a significant investment.

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