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5 Steps to make your Coffee more Healthy

Steps to make your Coffee more Healthy

 Steps to make your Coffee more Healthy

Contrary to what you might think, coffee is not a bad beverage at all. Research has even shown that the drink can be healthy for you. In this article, we will explore 5 steps you can use to make your cup of coffee even healthier for you.

Every day, about 54% of adults in America take a considerable amount of coffee for different reasons. Of all the reasons, health is probably the least. That's because your cup of joe is not an apple, and you'll need more than just a cup daily to keep the doctor away!

While we know that black coffee is healthy to a large extent, containing only a few calories, the same cannot be said for other coffee types. Bringing in sugar, milk, and flavouring could easily shoot up the calorie count in your coffee.

So, to make things easy, here are 5 steps that can help you make your daily cup of joy healthier than before (make sure to check the top coffee subscription in the UK).

1. Don’t take only coffee for breakfast

Coffee is such an important drink that you find out that even when people are late for work, they still find time to indulge themselves in that hot refreshing morning cup of coffee. Sometimes, these people even forget to take their breakfasts. This is a bad habit, especially since most people do not eat anything with the coffee until lunch.

While drinking coffee is good for your health, taking it without any other meal in the morning is unhealthy. According to dieticians, coffee works well as a stimulant and can also suppress one's appetite. This is why you do not feel hungry for many hours even though you only took a cup of coffee.

The stimulant properties in coffee might not make you see that you are undereating. In the meantime, it might feel good. But then, later on, it might come with some terrible problems except you are trying to lose weight.

You must understand that taking good care of your body starts with eating well. That is, eating good food in the right quantity and on time. Your body needs more than caffeine to run effectively. It needs carbohydrates, protein, vitamins, fat, and all the fibre and minerals it needs so you can stay healthy (make sure to look at our Airscape coffee canister).

2. Cinnamon can make your coffee healthier

Adding cinnamon to your coffee is one sure way to make the healthy beverage even healthier for you. Cinnamon is enriched with several antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties good for your overall health. In addition, the spice has been proven to reduce blood sugar and several other health benefits.

Besides, cinnamon is a healthy option for those who cannot tolerate the bitter taste of coffee. The spice allows you to add some sweetness alongside antioxidants to your coffee without raising the number of calories inside the cup.

3. Do not add too much sugar to your coffee

Coffee on its own is a healthy beverage, like you know. However, with certain additives, coffee can become dangerous to your health. One of the easiest ways to make coffee unhealthy is to add as much sugar as possible. The more sugar you have in your coffee, the more it becomes unhealthy. Many expert dieticians have argued that sugar is probably the worst food ingredient in our modern-day diet.

Due to the high amounts of fructose in it, sugar is known to cause many dangerous health conditions like obesity, diabetes, etc. So, if you are keen on keeping your coffee healthier than before, it's time to leave the sugar out of the cup.

4. Avoid Artificial Creamers

make your Coffee more Healthy

The problem with commercial artificial creamers is that they are mostly over-processed. Sometimes, the manufacturers use questionable ingredients in producing these creamers.

At the moment, there is only a little scientific research on the effects of artificial coffee creamers. So, we might not be able to tell you specifically what happens when you consume them. More so, the contents of the creamers vary depending on the brand. While some decide to use bad ingredients, some brands stay honest and have healthier products.

But still, nothing beats the idea of taking natural products. Instead of taking non-dairy creamers, consider using full-fat cream from grass-fed cows in your coffee. Several studies have shown that milk and milk products from grass-fed cows are rich in important nutrients that the body needs. Milk, for instance, is rich in calcium which helps you build strong bones and teeth, preventing fractures ad osteoporosis.

In addition, taking milk from a grass-fed cow gives you vitamin K, an important nutrient that boosts bone health and the immune system.

So, to boost your health and make your coffee healthier, use natural creamers made from milk.

5. Add Some Cocoa to Your drinking Coffee

Cocoa comes with loads of antioxidants, and the beverage is known to give several health benefits. For instance, the beverage is known to reduce the risk of having heart disease.

Cocoa is loaded with antioxidants and associated with all sorts of health benefits, including a reduced risk of heart disease.

You can add a dash of unsweetened cocoa to your drinking coffee to improve its flavour. The chocolate-flavoured version of latte is called Caffè mocha, and you will find it in many coffeehouses. However, you need to be careful as most coffee houses sell their caffè mocha with sugar-sweetened cocoa.

To avoid raising your blood sugar levels, you can easily make your own Caffè mocha at home using unsweetened cocoa instead (check out our guide on the V60 vs French Press coffee).