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The perfect gift choices for expert coffee lovers

The perfect gift choices for expert coffee lovers

WE LOVE COFFEE and spend more time making coffee each morning than most people do making breakfast. For those of us who've become obsessed, it's no longer a habit. It's a ritual. It's a ceremony. It involves fire, water, air, earth, and dare we say spirit.

If you know someone like us (or you are someone like us), we’re here to help you find the perfect gift. (check out 8 gift ideas

A coffee subscription

Coffee Subscription

Nothing makes a coffee lover happier than good fresh beans. We like single origin beans but enjoy a well-roasted blend too ... the truth is we’re all over the map when it comes to beans. 

That's why a coffee gift subscription UK makes a wonderful gift.It can be tailored for them from an amazing world-class selection and it's always freshly roasted.

Get a unique and amazing coffee story delivered straight to that special someone’s door.

The journey to better coffee starts here… 

Coffee on the go

Coffee Gems Aero press

The AeroPress Go is barely bigger than a coffee mug, is incredibly lightweight, and makes one of the best cups of coffee you'll get on the go. It's as good as the standard AeroPress - easy to use, good at minimising bitterness, capable of an excellent cup of coffee - just smaller.

The AeroPress is also very forgiving. While it can take a bit of experimenting to get it to make coffee exactly the way you want, it's difficult to make a bad cup of coffee. That makes it a great gift for someone who isn't necessarily a coffee fanatic...yet.

A vacuum coffee container 

Inside this coffee lover’s gift box you’ll find all you need to keep your coffee with a healthy shelf life by keeping away air and light.

100% waterproof closure and patented air vacuum,  The Airscape container preserves your coffee to the highest standard. 

A gooseneck/pour-over kettle

A gooseneck kettle will give you almost complete control over not only how much water is poured over the coffee grounds but also where and when the grounds become saturated. The result is a better coffee drinking experience with increased flavour and taste.

Despite its similarities with traditional coffee kettles, the gooseneck kettle is arguably the most iconic symbol of modern manual coffee brewing. Its incredible features such as a tapered spout, fancy long and narrow neck, as well as ergonomic handle and brew-range thermometer, elevate the level of manual coffee brewing. In other words, it’s not just stylish but also highly-functional and a must-have in your kitchen.

Our favorite is the Stagg; with its beautifully functional and contemporary design, it will kick their brewing up a notch.

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